Episode 100 - A Bittersweet Reunion

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Jaela using her magical halberd to slice through a zombie


Episode 100 - A Bittersweet Reunion

First, let us say thank you for allowing us to exist all the way to episode 100! Is is your support that keeps us going. On this momemtous episode of Drunks and Dragons things get … a little dicey. I know! It is such a surprise, but hey, sometimes dicey things happen to and around our group. Let’s just say that some old friends drop on by and maybe these old friends have some explaining to do. I have said too much.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After releasing the submarine from the grip of the Storm Giant, the gang receives a message from Wren letting them know their boat is directly above them. The boat is being attacked by the giant flying demon, but she is sending help. They rise up and see the boat as well as Ros, Clinker, Watari and some witches arriving on Griffons. The demon starts to attack them, killing a few witches. Jaela then uses her Demon Binder to trap the demon, completely ruining Thrifty's plans for the whole episode.

With the demon captured, the party sets their sights to fixing the boat before it sinks. It's pretty much a giant clusterfuck but they fix the boat. Watari and Clinker depart, leaving Ros back with the crew to face Harper.

Quest Log Updates