Episode 101 - Home is Where Your Heads Are

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Steve Meloncamp, the un-welcome new party member


Episode 101 - Home is Where Your Heads Are

We have to admit, it sure feels good to be back on the ship that we have had so many adventures on. Some of the blood stains from previous battles brought tears to our eyes as we remembered friends long gone. Going forward we will remember to cherish the simple times on this beautiful ship.

It should be noted that we had some technical issues so some folks sound won't be as good. Hopefully, you won't notice!

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Back on the Chum Guzzler the party starts to reacquaint themselves with the crew and catch up on the situation. They talk to Winston about what has been happening and it is not good. They have been floating adrift since being attacked by the big demon that killed Rhavar when Steve Meloncamp went through the portal. Telir, Temerity Baracas, and Xantolin all went overboard in a storm, presumably dead. Chad did go overboard, but then got killed later somehow. Thom gets really excited and cuts off Chad's leg. Jaela is horrified, since she's never seen this before.

With the tension fading Thom gets all excited to show Jaela his refrigerator unit, which has been inexplicably untouched this whole time. He gives everybody a quick tour of all his body parts that he's collected.

Ros and Harper start to argue over the whole "stabbed in the heart" thing. Harper thinks that she should not be the captain anymore since she is untrustworthy. They have a good cry together and sort of forgive each other? Jaela keeps an eye on Ros while the rest of the party checks out Thom's fridge.

Thom continues to give us a tour of his various body parts, like a child at show and tell. Aludra decides to give everybody some Hellwasp Honey since they basically haven't had any food in a month. They give Chad a sailor funeral and dump the body overboard before Thom can do anything else to it.

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