Episode 102 - The Most Magical Motor Boat

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Thom Vidalis vomiting due to the ghostly presence of Steve Meloncamp


Episode 102 - The Most Magical Motor Boat

Having reunited with "the gang,” The Gang has to really figure out what to do with this dang Demonomicon book. Heck, I don't think there are demon libraries where we can just drop it off. A real pickle, this one. In the more immediate concerns column is that fact that our glorous, the [redacted], isn't in the best of shape and we can't just leave the crew to die in the middle of the friggin ocean. Things are always getting in the way of our quests and adventures...

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Harper and Ros continue to "discuss" their issues, Harper more or less intending to kill Ros. She explains that Fennekin had also kidnapped her sister Pirta and was holding her hostage. Fennekin really has a thing with kidnapping family members. Ros claims she was forced to turn against them, and Fennekin killed her sister anyways, and probably intended to kill her as well. Ros is a little suspicious about how she got away, thinking maybe Fennekin let her escape. Jaela is extremely suspicious of Ros, since they've never met before. Harper and Ros have a good cry together about their dead family members and agree to put things behind them. Mostly. Ros also admits that she doesn't know where Bucky and Daisy are.

They talk about what to do next and decide to get the Demonomicon deciphered. They ask Zird what he knows about it and he recommends somebody named Avery T'léas (after being very sassy to Aludra). Aludra gets really sad because everybody is judging her parenting skills and beardedness, so Jaela comforts her. Zird tells them they need to find Avery T'léas in Fairmire who could help them with it. Harper remembers hearing of her in his early studies.

Then they argue about where they are geographically for a while. And then they try to figure out how to get there, because the griffons are faster but they don't want to leave their crew without food. Eventually they decide to use the griffons to pull the boat to Drunkeros Madagascar where they can resupply.


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