Episode 105 - The Enkindling

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Episode 105 - The Enkindling

After saving the inhabitants of Drunkeros' Madagascar, we learned that the island held more secrets than we originally were preppared to handle. I mean, we already saved several of their lives against what appeared to be dinosaurs, right? What more should we be expected to do? But, we were in sore need of provisions, provisions which they would only give us if we agreed to help them in a very specific way. What else could we do but say "yes” to these new potential allies?

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After defeating the various Drakes the party meets the inhabitants of Drunkeros Madagascar. They explain that they are Razorclaw Shifters (cat people) and share the island with Longtooth Shifters (dog people). And in the past they would fight all the time and it was terrible. Until they started burning Silverweed Oil and everybody just got super chill and ate cheetos all the time. But they're running out of Silverweed Oil and need the party's help to get more! They head up to see a Longtooth Shifter named Perrin who was exiled for heresy. When they get up to see him though, Perrin claims he was exiled because he kept beating everybody at a game called Spinstones. Perrin challenges the party to a game of Spinstones, and if they win he will give them his Silverweed Oil. The party wins and they invite Perrin to return to the village with them as a gesture of good faith.


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