Episode 107 - Why We Fight

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Harper, Zird, Thom, Aludra, and Jaela pose on some ruins
"BUT YOU'RE BOTH GIRLS!" ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 107 - Why We Fight

After making the lives of some very special people just a little bit safer amidst all this chaos, the gang prepares to head towards Fairmire. I think all of the excitement with the residents of Drunkeros' Madagascar let us forget for a moment the next step in our adventure. This feels like the first quiet moment since we left that strange underwater boat that Zird so kindly provided. So, with this down time we said our goodbyes yet again to the simple boat people and along the way learned some valuable lessons on why we fight.

Cast and Player Characters

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The entire party feasts with the "dog and cat people," and make merry for a time before remembering they have a decision to make: What do they do next?

  • Aludra suggests the party go straight to the source of the problem and stem the tide of demons flooding over the countryside.
  • Thom, on the other hand, asks that the party see to ridding him of Steve Meloncamp - but rest of the party agrees that's 15th on their list of things to do.
  • Harper, of course, wants to see to his sister, but does not push the matter as fervently as he did before the party found the Demonomicon.
  • Jaela, of course, agrees with Aludra to see Avery T'léas

Ros agrees to go on the search for Bucky and Daisy while the party sees to the Demonomicon and the party agrees, but only after she pinky promises not to murder Bucky and Daisy or steal the boat.

Harper very nearly seduces a cat-lady... but she turned out to be married.... and that very nearly didn't stop him.

Jaela explains to Winston that she was Rhavar, and tries her best to comfort him as he reminisces on their lost friendship. Jaela has a crystallizing moment in which she sees the pain her life cycles can leave behind. Her optimism and friendliness keep her cheery, but it served as another reminder of how much the demon scourge has cost the world of Drunkeros.

Thom finally has a moment alone with Ros inside the meat locker on the Chum Guzzler. He finally shows his true feelings about having Steve in his head - he never feels alone, and always feels the gnoll in his head. Ros comforts him, possibly sexually, as best she can under the circumstances, reminding him that when this is over, they will at least have each other.

Aludra is approached by Trevor and asked a few questions about her past and her homeland: the ancient dwarven halls beneath the mountain, her family - distant but not forgotten, and even her betrothal to another. Trevor, spurred by his best friend Chad's untimely death, decides to take the initiative and ask Aludra out on a date. Aludra stammers for a while before admitting to everyone "I'm with Jaela!" The two giggle and share some embarrassment as they realize their relationship might be real. In all the darkness that has spread across the world - the purple lady and the burrito chef at least found each other.

Seeing Jaela and Aludra together spurs Harper into action - he throws all caution to the wind and decides to pursue the Sexy Married Cat Lady anyway! He doesn't go far before he is stopped by Zird, however...

Zird, renowned for being completely insane and unhinged, has a moment of lucidity and admits to Harper that he was a teacher at the White Spire when Longcryer was a student there. The two discuss what might have become of Longcryer - Harper vowing to kill his tormentor if they ever cross again. Zird, in an uncharacteristically understanding tone, suggests that once the Demon problem is dealt with - he might convince the wizards at the White Spire to help track down Longcryer and bring him to justice.

And so, the party has the fuel and focus they need to continue their journey. They finally set out to decipher the Demonomicon!


  • This episode contained the "Double Poison" shot! (Mix two bullshit alcohols that won't go well with one another into a shotglass)
  • Despite multiple insight checks and various tests of her personally, Jaela refuses to trust Ros.
  • Harper may have invented the Hacky Sack during this episode.
  • Titus Harper admits that he learned about sex from the horses on the Harper estate when he was twelve years old.
  • Thom gives new couples a bucket of fish to celebrate their first copulation.

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