Episode 109 - Demons at Your Door

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The least flattering portrait of the team ever drawn. Jaela, Aludra, Thom, and Harper!
"Thorax... Other bug words!" ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 109 - Demons at Your Door

Having allowed Zird to Zird up the demon protection barrier outside the White Dome of Fairmire, your plucky group of adventurers is now forced into yet another dicey situation. A large group of demons can be seen rushing their way. Great. Wonderful. Demons will get what they have coming for them. Roll for initiative.

Cast and Player Characters



The demons rush the White Dome, heading straight for the party. Their first instinct? Close the door. Foolish demons!

Once the bug-like, trident-wielding demons smash through the wall of the White Dome, the party rushes into battle. Harper immediately blasts four demons back through the hole in the wall, creating an opening for Jaela to rush outside, alone, and try to attack a majority of them, but missed in her efforts. Thom, fighting with Steve over control, eventually waddles outside and belches lightening onto the Demons flanking Jaela, and striking one down with Blood Drinker. The demons vomit disgusting ichor onto Jaela and Thom before Aludra focuses all of her primal energy into one massive attack to save Thom's life, and actually hit! Woah!

The party continue fighting for an hour. At one point Jaela was near death from mostly friendly fire, Thom was knocked out (again) from demon poison.

The final demons were smote by Harper's potent magics, but Thom remained in a crumpled heap, covered in poison, making grotesque sounds as he battled to keep from slipping away...


  • Tim "My Brand" Lanning!
  • Jaela's "Kawaii Berry Blast" shot was featured in this episode! [Blackberry moonshine and Champagne]
  • Nika Howard was drying her pillows, which had been damp for a week, during the majority of the episode.

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