Episode 10 - Crazy Train

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 10

Title: Crazy Train

Air Date: 10/31/2013

Length: 01:39

Swear Jar Count: The penalty was applied to the players' sanity checks for Halloween.

Josh: Had a +23 applied to his sanity check rolls.

Staci: Had a +17 applied to her sanity check rolls.

Mike: Had no penalty to his sanity rolls.

Next Episode: Episode 11 - The Eleventh Hour

Previous Episode: Episode 9 - Drunkisode 2

From the Website

Things start out strange and escalate all the way to WTF for the gang in our Halloween episode!

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

In Jack's insanity he becomes trapped between our world and the world of night terrors. He tries to escape the hospital to get to Harold - who is floating outside the window. Jack then pulls a gun and tries to shoot imaginary spiders in the room.

With some deft tackling and wresting on Xander's part, and some good support work by Anya, they manage to disarm Jack. Shortly thereafter, a train surronded by nightgaunts enter the scene outside the hopsital.

Harold someone from the train at the party who gets hurt and is shot by them. They discover that mysterious man (Daniel) is the owner of a circus.

The party manages to get out of the hosiptal and back on the ground. Xander runs to get books from the car and the bronze box. He is swooped up by nightgaunts and dropped nearly to his death only be caught again. He manages to get out of the nightgaunt's grasp.

The investigators and Daniel sprint to jump onto the crazy train. On the train, they manage to find that Vaeda is actually holding the second half of the key. Jack tries to perform surgery on Vaeda, only to find she is far too gone to recover. She dies, again.

Jack loses his sanity again. Xander and Anya have to stay atop Jack to prevent him from hurting himself or anyone.

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