Episode 10 - Lost & Found

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 10

Title: Lost & Found

Air Date: 07/02/2014

Length: 01:12

Swear Jar Count: 20, Staci gets a 20% penalty to their "Imma Die" doe for the game.

Next Episode: CaF QnA 3

Previous Episode: Episode 9 - Ready to Fall

From the Website

Hello, robot. You've found yet another episode of Cthulhu & Friends. It compels you to visit the GeeklyInc Store and buy many CaF t-shirts.

The gang desperately searches for answers and a lost friend simply known as “42.”

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends…

Lily persuades Eddie to leave immediately for Innsmouth. Eddy and Cameron load the bus, while Lily writes Tess a note. As she is leaving the house Lily hears a scream. She investigates and sees that Tess is convulsing and injuring herself. Lily grabs a knife and tries to cut Tess’s throat; however Tess bites down on Lily’s hand. Lily yells for Eddie. Since Tess’s body is still needed to complete the cloning process, Eddie sedates her. The group begins driving towards Innsmouth.

After hours of traveling Eddie spies a large object draped across the road. Eddie investigates, and on his way back to the bus sees 42’s boot print in the sand. Cameron jumps off the bus to follows the boot prints in the sand. He approaches a wet swampy area, and thinks twice about entering. Suddenly a shirtless female emerges from the swamp, and then sinks back down. Eddie wades in after her, and manages to pull her out. The woman is half covered in 42’s armor. Eddie brings 42 to the bus.

Suddenly Eddie receives a call. It’s his mother. Eddie declines her requests to allow her to locate and recover him. Frustrated, Mary tells him that Erik is coming after him regardless. Eddie hangs up the phone. Cameron receives a call immediately afterwards. Mary threatens to kill Cameron unless he brings Eddie to her. Cameron sheepishly agrees. After hanging up Lily tells Cameron to get off the bus, and explains to Eddie that Cameron isn’t trustworthy. Cameron scared of being trapped activates a remote device on Eddie to drain his power and strikes Lily with the butt of his shotgun. Acting quickly Eddie shoots Cameron in the spine. Cameron feebly tries to crawl off the bus. Eddie follows him, and demands that he surrender.

After a brief parley, Eddie scoops up Cameron and puts him back on the bus. They rush back to Tess’s house. Tess is at the gate when they arrive. She tries to talk, but has a speech impairment. Eddie fills her in on the events. Tess tells the group that Erik had already been there looking for them. 42 speaks up and demands they head back to Innsmouth. She has located the “real Eddie’ and wants to recover him. Eddie agrees to accompany her. And that’s where we left off in this episode.

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