Episode 110 - The Hammer of Sundering

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Jaela's secret lovesong plans!
"But I don't wanna die! (Blubbering souns)" ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 110 - The Hammer of Sundering

Well, it looks like your heroes have to make a tough choice. Maybe the knowledge found within the Demonomicon was actually a curse? Maybe it was better to be ignorant? Regardless they are now closer to their goal than ever before and that naturally is terrifying. Our heroes are used to dealing with tough decisions and will handle this with the appropriate amount of care and weight.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The episode opens with more grotesque death noises from Thom.

After a quick swig of Whiskey, Thom finally rolls to his feet and runs inside - apparently he just needed a dose of happy juice.

Avery T'léas and Zird ask Lord Titus Harper to help repair the dome. He chokes a bit, but their combined power was more than enough to erect the shield.

Inside the White Dome, Aludra and Jaela comfort one another, Thom chastises Steve for risking their life to save Jaela, and Harper, Zird, and Avery talk about the Demonomicon and how it could help reverse the apocalypse. Avery suggests that one member of the party help her in deciphering the book.

The party tries to split up and tackle two objectives, but Avery confirms it won't take very long to decode the text.

Several Patreon names are used to describe various NPCs in the White Dome: a bard, a blacksmith, and several others, currently refugees from the demon hoard. Fist priority: Jaela MUST convince the bard to write a love song for Aludra.

"Aludra, You are cold and you're a tree and... Aludra.
[ Thom joins in, trying to take over ]
And your beard.. You don't have a beard.. is so long and nice.
And you're a tree... and I knew your father... eh... father!
And he had a burrito... Er... Jeff, the Burrito maker swinging an axe... axe... axe... and your dad...

Jaela was upset about the quality of the bard's performance, but Aludra was left "bright red". She loved it.

Avery, in her study, pours over the Demonomicon. In it, she discovers a way to close the portal; disassemble the Whip of Binding, the Orb of Infinite Power, and the Brazier of Worlds using something called the Hammer of Sundering. One hiccup... whoever wields the hammer will surely be killed. The hammer absorbs the soul of the wielder to sunder whatever it hits, even semi-immortal beings like Deva will be destroyed and sent to their deity's plane for One-Hundred-Years.

The party thinks about their options - having Zird use the hammer, having a criminal use it, making Bucky do the deed, forcing Ros to sacrifice herself. Perhaps Winston, Tum, Chad, Junpei Iori, or even trying to trick/force Fennekin to do it himself. Anything BUT the self sacrificing option: since no one's got time for all that noise.

Avery offers to create a portal to Fennekin's Fortress... whenever the party decides what they are going to do...


  • Aludra "Bappered" (rolled a natural 20 on the recap roll) and chose Mike Bachmann to do the recap.
  • Drunk level: 74/100
  • Nika, into her 4th Kawaii Berry Blast shot tries to heal a sick bard with her "healing surges."
  • Jaela is actually terrible with money.
  • Aludra's father is not Jeff, but Lord Alloryn Wyrmsbane.
  • Steve mentions his and Cheryl's cubs, but later events imply that they don't have children.

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