Episode 111 - Evil Through the Roof

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Lord Titus Harper, empowered by his dark past.
"Guys, I bought the whole seat, but I'm only using the standing desk." ~ Michael "ThriftyNerd" DiMauro


Episode 111 - Evil Through the Roof

This is a land of monsters and horrible demons. We should have known that we were never safe. Honestly, if you are asking me, those damned demons attacking us was more of a "when” then an "if.” Sometimes you have to appreciate the quiet times, you know? They are shattered so quickly and unexpectedly that you realize amidst all the carnage and chaos that your tea has gone cold. Tea shouldn't be the thing that stands out, but the mind is a funny place.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



It appears the White Dome is not as safe as previously thought! Demons crash through the ************* roof!

Two tentacle wielding demons accost the party as soon as they are in range. Jaela banishes one demon before it can cause many problems (as was Thrifty's design), but the other proves an extremely strong opponent: manipulating the party's mind as well as lashing out at their bodies.

The fight took the entire episode, minus introductions and sign-offs.


  • Jaela uses her totally overpowered Demon Binder she got from her "min/max" wishlist to banish one of the grotesque exceptionally strong demons back to the abyss
  • Surprisingly, Thom and the attacking Demon have a fairly nice conversation - discussing the dynamic of what it's like to be a demon and live off the notion of Chaos
  • Aludra rolls better when attacking her friends than she does attacking enemies. Did she secretly want to roll better? Who's to say

Quest Log Updates