Episode 112 - The Road to Victory

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A cool, calm, and confident Titus Harper, whose hand is burning red!
"No one's ever given me a compliment... I don't know how to do this... It's a tough life." ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 112 - The Road to Victory

Having bested those noodly demons, the gang preps themselves for the next big step – taking down Fennekin. It would be madness to whisk our way straight his flying sky fortress over the demon void that was Caer. The only way to take him down is with allies of both dragon and non-dragon type. We should also make sure our pal Ros is safe… and maybe Bucky. Everyone loves Bucky. Still no word on Harper's sister. That is most likely still ok.

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It turns out that the demons may have been attracted by the evil influence of Blood Drinker, leading them to focus their attacks on the shield protecting the White Dome. Avery T'léas asks for Harper's help, again, in creating a small white domed (called "the raccoon cage") to store Blood Drinker in - he does much better than before. Blood Drinker, though EXTREMELY DISPLEASED, is left outside... for now.

The party spends a very long time complimenting each other and talking about what they like about each other before returning inside.

Jaela suggests the party go straight to Fennekin, as cavalier of a suggestion as possible. Harper and Avery veto that idea, as Avery shows the party what Fennekin's Fortress looks like through a television-like seeing portal.

The party agrees that they cannot possibly tackle such a task alone. They need help. And what better help is there than the army of the Platinum Dragon God, Bahamut. The party continues to weigh their options, but each seems difficult.

Aludra and Jaela have a awkward conversation about Aludra's previous betrothed - spurred on by Harper, who just loves to stir up trouble from time to time.

Avery lets Harper know, during their planning, that no one has heard from Pelor's Hope in quite some time... Which spurs Harper to send a Message, using his Ritual spells, to contact Ros. Ros tells the party that she is trying to rescue Bucky from the gnolls, and that they are in trouble near Fairmire.

The party agrees to travel toward Evening Shire immediately, but Zird interjects - saying he knows of a powerful necromancer who lives on the way, who may have more information on how to safely use the Hammer of Sundering to separate the powerful artifacts maintaining the portal at Fennekin's Fortress.

Only afterward the plan is finalized, does Harper realize the party, again, is moving in the exact opposite direction of Adira Harper, his sister who is being worked to death by Devils.

Avery gives the party the Hammer of Sundering, and, again, they discuss who should use the hammer if the worst should happen. Jaela makes a point to say she should do it, seeing as she would eventually come back, then Zird offers to use it himself since he's "so old!" The party is wary of his agenda...


  • Drunk Level: 85/100
  • This episode introduces the idea that EVERY member of the podcast could QUIT their jobs and play D&D for us each and every day if every listener donated just $2 to their Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/dndpodcast
  • Mike Bachmann puts on a Hulk Mask, again, frightening Tim Lanning into a fit of screaming.
  • Hearing Nika Howard try to not be drunk is adorable.
  • Zird claims Lex is dead in order to avoid a paradox.
  • Abu, Trant Thumble, and many other characters' wereabouts are unknown.

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