Episode 115 - Adventures in Boat Sitting

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{From left to right:} Aludra Wyrmsbane, Thom Vidalis wielding Blood Drinker (with the presence of Steve Meloncamp in his head), Jaela, and Lord Titus Harper
"I remember my training, when I had to sit outside during a rainstorm for three weeks, and I did it." ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 115 - Adventures in Boat Sitting

Having bested those strange rooms that Riekert Svenson set up the gang prepares themselves for a nice night. They have earned a nice feather bed and maybe a fine meal. But, can they really trust this zany necromancer? These situations these people get into are just so bonkers. I am sure everything will work out.

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This episode is recorded from PAX- featuring everyone but Bachmann, who is in time out in a dog/sex cage.

The necromancer, Riekert, welcomes the group into his room. They argue about where Thom is for ten minutes. Riekert wants to go to sleep so he invites them to stay and have a meal. He says his bladder wakes him up at 4:30 AM, so they can regroup then.

Aludra's nature check tells them that Thom is asleep in the guest rooms. Like really asleep. Like maybe he's been drugged.

Harper, Aludra and Jaela decide to sleep in the same room. Aludra has first watch, and as Jaela is about to lie down she feels a familiar tugging sensation behind her navel. She grabs the hands of Aludra and Harper (who's already asleep), and the three get pulled into one of Jaela's memories.

They're back in time again, in the minds of Temerity, Telir and Rhavar seconds after Steve Meloncamp entered the portal. There are still demons breaking down the door, and the three must decide whether to fight them or find some other way to escape the hull of the boat where they are trapped.

A giant insect like demon bursts through the door. The group attacks, Telir then Rhavar then Temerity. Temerity causes 42 necrotic damage on her first turn. Rhavar takes 56 damage and his HP are permanently lowered by 24. Another round of attacks and Temerity casts her Shatter spell and kills the dang thing. It's insides explode and cover the group in blood and guts...

Quest Log Updates

  • [NEW][Active] - Survive the demon onslaught