Episode 116 - Adventures in Boat Sitting Part 2

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Episode 116 - Adventures in Boat Sitting Part 2

Having survived the initial wave of demons and baddies the back in time crew come face to face with a being of amazing power. I won't spoil the surprise here – but you better bring an extra pair of pants or whatever to work! Alright, that was too much hype. Sorry. You should bring extra pants, though, just in case. You never know.

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We're back again as the 5th edition characters, a continuation of the previous episode. We are just post bug fight, and the group goes above deck to check on the crew.

A storm is brewing overhead. The crew has managed to put all the little demons to the sword. The sky glows orange, and a man flies out of it in orange robes, a horde of demons flying behind him. Xantolin fires a harpoon at the man, and it flies straight at his chest. However, there is some sort of force field around him and the harpoon falls harmlessly to the sea. The man gestures at Xantolin who goes flying off the ship. The orange robed man lands on the ship and wants to know where the Demonomicon is.

ITS FENNEKIN, DESTROYER OF WORLDS. What worlds has he destroyed? Drunkeros, Faerûn, Eberron, Middle Earth, Darksun, Narnia, Hoth, Fable world, The Land of Dungeon Avengers 2, Tamriel, Japan. All those places.

Temerity tries to bluff that they don't know where the Demonomicon is. It doesn't work. Chad the brave crewman tries to stab Fennekin in the back, but the force field blocks his attack. Chad is thrown into the sea.

Rhavar feels his holy symbol glow and vibrate. Erathis is flowing through him. Rhavar conceals his boner. Then he decides to attack Fennekin. He uses a spell to put a lightning bolt of radiant damage on Fennekin using the holy symbol over his heart. The power of Erathis flows through Rhavar to blow away the force field from Fennekin. For a second Fennekin's confidence wavers. He flees and a huge demon appears.

The group starts fighting it, and at the start of the second round the demon lands 32 point hit against Rhavar, who dies. (Presumably).

They wake up back in the necromancer's rooms. They have sand in their pants. Harper muses that Telir and Temerity may still be alive, and wishes that Rhavar and Jaela could exist in the same universe. He thinks they go well together. Not like that! Like they'd be a great team. Harper may or may not have a crush on Rhavar.

In another attempt to wake up Thom, Harper feeds the Dragonborn Exlax. Then he puts a millipede and several weevils in his ear. Gross.


  • Tim explains what "boy horny" is to Nika.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Sort-of Failed] - Survive the demon onslaught