Episode 117 - The Breakfast Club

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Episode 117 - The Breakfast Club

Whoaaaaa! Are we back here inside our bodies?! What another strange event to befall this ragtag group of would be heroes. And is that the dapper Thom the Dragonborn awake and walking around and such?? Phew, glad there weren’t any lasting issues from the poison or whatever. I guess we will figure our how to save the world and stuff.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Riekert Svenson's House of Horrors


After a strange dream/flashback, Jaela, Harper, and Aludra wake up in their beds, back in Riekert Svenson's House of Horrors. Thom is finally awake, with a hangover, and insist that he just needs some hair of the dog that bit him, so to speak, and begins eating more of the poisoned food. They leave their bedroom (20 minutes into the episode), and find that Svenson the necromancer is using ghost skeletons to serve their food. Svenson greets them, telling them he has been up for seven hours, and it is now 9:30am (he previously said he gets up at 4:30, this would imply he was up today at 2:30, also, time in Drunkeros seems to be measured the same as time in our real world. This is interesting. How do they decide how long a second is? How did we in our world decide that? I have to go look this up now! Oh, yeah, the recap! Sorry, everyone!). After determining that the food is probably not poisoned, they all begin eating, Jaela hesitantly, and they all seem fine.

They get to the business at hand, asking him how to use the Demonomicon about the Hammer of Sundering, and how they could use it. Guys, this is where it gets complicated. Svenson lays out the rules for destroying the portal machine Fennekin created:

  • The Hammer of Sundering will shatter whatever it strikes, but also whatever is holding it, both in body and soul.
    • If Thom/Steve use/uses the Hammer, it will devour both of their souls.
  • Svenson has a Pokéball strange device that can capture a soul, IF they use the Hammer of Sundering.
    • It's not a sure thing, though. There's only a chance of getting your soul captured, and then, only the purest soul.
    • IF they capture a soul, and bring it back to Svenson, he can transfer the soul to another body, but then, only one with an equally pure soul.
      • This erases the soul of the original body.
      • BUT Svenson has created a metal gollem they could potentially put their captured soul into.
        • IF they did this, the soul would no longer be able to feel or sleep or eat.
  • If they had a cleric with them when they use the Hammer, he could return their soul back to their original body.
    • BUT, in order to prevent the soul from being destroyed, they would have to drink a special potion.
      • BUT it is a very special potion brewed by only one person.
        • BUT it is Svenson.
          • BUT it is the most difficult and expensive potion to make. He would need them to bring him the Demonomicon.

They leave Svenson to deliberate, and discuss their options. Harper suggest Bucky swing the Hammer, and Jaela thinks they could put Steve's soul in the metal gollem, and have HIM use the Hammer, but then his soul would be destroyed. Harper suggests that Jaela use the Hammer. She is the purest of heart, besides maybe Steve, and she is the only one that will be able to come back, albeit not for a hundred years, after they are all gone, including Aludra. They commune with Zird the Arcane, who is floating outside a window, and he has no problem with using the Hammer. The others immediatly feel terrible for treating him so poorly before. They feel like he is being sincere, but they decide to take the Pokéball just in case, Aludra holds onto it, since she is in charge of all their gear. They then realize Svenson hasn't given it to them yet, so they go ask him for it. He tells them it will cost them 15,000 gold. They decide to do it.


  • Thom has a dad/cop mustache, and finds it weird that the others have never mentioned it before. This probably isn't canon. It seems the mustache belonged to Steve (also a surprise), and the two beings are weirdly fusing together (also wtf).
  • Harper is super wierd and awkward when it comes to sex stuff.
  • Jaela was in a spelling bee three past lives ago, so she is really good at crossword puzzles.
    • This confirms that Jaela is Jaela's Fourth Incarnation at least, maybe more.
  • First time Jennifer/Aludra says "Aludra Eats the Bacon!"
  • Steve is a Scientologist, but knows almost nothing of Scientology.
  • Harper has a dark past that he hasn't mentioned in a while.
  • The party is down 15,000 gold.
  • Riekert Svenson follows Wizard Years.

Inventory Updates

  • +1 Pokéball
  • -15,000 gold

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - Nat1 - Wasn't there, but guesses at what they did
    • Nika - Nat1 - Takes over, does the actual recap
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Tim - 4

  • Harper does an Arcana check on Svenson's poisoned food - Nat1
  • Failure - "It's good!"

  • Jaela also does the same - 26
  • Success - She also thinks it's fine.

  • Jaela rolls a d20 to see if she falls victim to Svenson's food - 9
    • She passes out unconcious!
  • This is a goof.

  • Harper rolls a Bluff check to lie to Svenson about their Erathis tats - 24
    • Success

  • Jaela does an Insight check to see if Svenson's motivations are true - 15
    • She is very suspicious of him.

  • Harper rolls an Arcana to check out the metal gollem Svenson created - 27-ish
    • Success - It appears to be a construction of magical creation, similar to a warforged.

  • Some of them do Insight checks on ol' Zird to see if he is being truthful about using the Hammer
    • Aludra - 15
    • Jaela - 26
    • Harper - 20
      • They all feel like he is sincere.