Episode 119 - The Moving City

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The Adherent to Erathis, Jaela, with her magical halberd
"Aludra Eats the Bacon!" ~ Jennifer Cheek/Aludra Wyrmsbane


Episode 119 - The Moving City

Having found this terrible gnoll god city, the gang realizes that they have to scoot on ahead and save a smaller non-gnoll god city from being destroyed. I still am deeply bothered by Yeenoghu’s city. It is terrible. I don’t want to go into it. I am sorry, little Bucky, but you are in a terrible that is just too scary. You understand, right?

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Bucky
  • Jasper Willowbrush
  • Kimu Sarn
  • Margaret Rita
  • Pemberton Buttlsticks - Patreon name
  • Smitty McFisterson - Patreon name
  • Thud Smashington - Patreon name
  • Turgen Engloryon



Deciding they care less about the actual mechanics of the rules, Michael rules that the Vrock just loves Thom now, with no limit on the time. What they have is real, you guys. Anyway, they are just outside Yeenoghu's Moving City, so they decide to send a message to Bucky to see where he is specifically:


Are you brushing your teeth?

We are at the gnoll city.

Where in the city are you?

Please give detailed instructions and landmarks.

Love--" (25 words, message cuts off)

And they get back:

"Uncle Harper,

I'm so glad you messaged me.

There are no toothbrushes here.

I am in the central fortress with the big mean gnoll" (24 words, good job Bucky)

The news of the big mean gnoll angers Thom. As they are attempting to formulate a plan, Jaela sees a city up ahead, Louisville Fallow Field, and they decide to go to there instead to warn them of the slow moving Gnoll city, which they determine will take 2-3 weeks for the moving city to get to the static city. They enter the Temple of Corellon and meet with Smitty McFisterson, a human, and all his human friends. This place is a little racially divided. Humans seem to be the top dogs here. The gang is able to relay the threat to them and they send a tall person named Kimu Sarn, a lanky cowboy man named Jasper Willowbrush, a muscular man named Turgen Engloryon, and a giant pug (yes, like the dog) named Margaret Rita (yes, like the drink), to all go and deal with the gnoll threat. Meanwhile, the group gifts the dudes at the temple with some of their Hellwasp Honey, and are offered a place to sleep at the temple, a spot on the floor. But the gang is too good for that, and so they go to sleep at a nearby abandoned in, despite being warned that they will be attacked in the night by demons, of which there are many. At the inn, they barricade the doors and windows and lay down a series of Home Alone-like traps for the demons that will come through.

And then... They rest!!! (Best cliffhanger of any episode of anything ever)


  • The grassy plain they are travelling lies somewhere between Fairmire, Medwyn, and Evening Shire
  • One of the voices of Jett Razor is heard in this episode
  • Michael says the group has 30,000 gold left
  • Michael promises that if the gang does "willfully dumb stuff" then we will kill them. See Episode 191 - Mixed Messages.
  • Tim Lanning promises that if their Patreon reaches 5,000 per month, they will put on a show called Damn Githyankees. I personally have never wanted anything more.

Inventory Updates

  • -360 gold to communicate with Bucky.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 16
    • Jennifer - 18
    • Nika - 17
    • Bachmann - 11

  • They all roll Perception outside the gnoll city
    • Thom/Steve - 13
    • Jaela - 36
      • Notices a human city in front of them
    • Aludra - 28
    • Harper - Either didn't roll, or I missed it

  • Jaela rolls Religion to see if she recognizes the temples in the city of Fallow Field - 32
    • Success - She recognizes the Temples of Corellon

  • Jaela uses Thievery to prepare the tavern for any demons that may venture in in the night - 16
    • She sets what she assumes is a fantastic trap