Episode 11 - Worlds Collide

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 11

Title: Worlds Collide

Air Date: 10/15/2015

Length: 58:27

Swear Jar Count: 30, everyone has a 40% on their "Imma Die" die roll for the episode.

Next Episode: Episode 12 - The Best Laid Plans

Previous Episode: Episode 10 - Fear in a Handful of Dust

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Mary pilots the ship and flies upward.

Inside, Vaeda casts a spell that drains Silus' intelligence. After which, the rest of the party notices Silus staring at the floor. Jack checks him for a pulse and doesn't find one. In fear of losing Luna, Xander channels his power to heal Silus. Soon afterwards, Silus becomes conscious, but is not acting like himself.

After the ship leaves the earth's gravity well, Xander starts freaking out and Jack tries to calm him. While the others are distracted, Vaeda goes to strangle Silus. However, Jack eventually talks Vaeda out of it.

Suddenly Luna and Silus start talking in unison. They claim that Jack is setting a trap, which Vaeda laughs off. Mary docks the ship on the space station.

Immediately after docking, the door opens and an armored officer is standing there. Jack walks towards it and attempts to light a cigarette. The officer suddenly backhands jack, knocking him unconscious. Eddie comes over the speaker and welcomes the group to Mason 1. Gathering up Jack and their belongings, the group heads down the passage way into a room.

Tes walks into the room and greets the group.

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