Episode 120 - BAR BRAWL!

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Aludra with her new catchphrase!
"They're about to be filet minions!" ~ Thom the Dragonborn, resident Carlos


Episode 120 - BAR BRAWL!

Maybe we made poor decisions sleeping in this old drafty tavern. Welp. That choice was made. There is nothing to be done about it. Now we have to put on our adult pants and deal with the consequences. Maybe fighting a horde of demons is a bad way to start your day. Who is to say? I think we were drinking or very sleepy when our sleep based choices were made.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Fallow Field
    • Fallow Field Inn


The gang sets up watches for the night. Harper has first watch, Aludra takes second, Jaela third, and Thom second.5 fourth. Also Zird the Arcane is there and he agrees to take Thom's watch. The others are skeptical, but since Jaela doesn't need to sleep the full time, she just needs to meditate for four hours, she can keep an eye on Zird and Thom and make sure they're not getting up to mischief. Harper, on the first watch, royally Zirds his duties and falls asleep without waking Aludra, so when Jaela awakens from her meditation, she sees they have failed their watches. She looks around to see if anything is out of place, and finds nothing. The Home Alone-style traps have not been sprung or anything like that. She makes everyone breakfast using some of her silverweed oil. She then hears noises outside and sees several creatures out the window, so she wakes everyone up.

As they are watching the demons outside, they think on their situation and what they should do next, and they hear the sound of wood breaking from downstairs! As they deliberate on what to do next, the door bursts in, and they are attacked by 10(!) demons! And then while they're fighting 12 more show up, oh noooooo!!!!1! They're minions, though, so it's okay. They clear the room, and suddenly, they hear Zird calling them from outside. He has slain several demons outside, and is leading the Griffons away. He calls for them to jump out the window, and they must away. They do that. Thom leaps, Jaela picks up Aludra and they jump, but hit the ground violently, Harper attempts to use his wind magic to levitate a little bit. They all get atop their griffons and fly off into the sunset, contemplating that it was a pretty bad idea not to say at the temple last episode, as the temple is not being attacked at all.


  • Everyone really wants to play 5th edition, but Tim is apprehensive, as he can't play Harper in that version. (The Storm Coast Adventurer's Guide was not released yet)
  • The gang contemplates allow Jennifer Cheek to roll reverse rolls, as in, lower rolls are better, due to how shittily she rolls constantly

Quest Log Updates


  • Harper makes a Perception check during his watch - Nat1
    • Sees NOTHING, falls asleep

  • Jaela roll Perception to see if anything is amiss when she takes her watch - 35
    • Doesn't notice anything out of place.

  • Jaela makes a Wisdom check to see if she thinks its a good idea or not to smoke her silverweed oil - 28
    • She does not smoke it

  • Thom rolls a Perception check to see if he can smell the figures outside - 21
    • He can smell Zird

  • Aludra uses her Dwarven Low Light Vision to do a Perception check on the figures outside - 20
    • They seem like demons to her

Combat Begins vs Demons

  • Initiative
    • Thom/Steve - Nat20 (31 total)
    • Jaela - 24
    • Aludra - 21
    • Harper - 19
    • Demon 1

Round One

  • Thom/Steve
    • Lightning Breath! - 34 vs Reflex
      • Hit - 10 damage - kills three of them
    • Melee Basic against nearest demon - 32 vs AC
      • Hit - kills it - they are minions
    • Demonic Frenzy - rolls a d6 - 6
      • Hits Aludra - 6 damage

  • Jaela
    • Marks nearest one as her oath of Enmity
    • Smashes with Halberd - 20 vs AC
      • Miss

  • Aludra
    • Burst of Earth's Fury - Nat1
      • Miss
    • Marks them all

  • Harper
    • Turns into lightning, runs through four of them - 26 to Reflex
      • Hit - Electrocutes all four

  • Demons
    • Attack Aludra - 24 to AC
      • Miss
    • Aludra again - 35 to AC
      • Hit - 12 damage

12 more demons enter the room

Round Two

  • Thom/Steve
    • Blade Fury - 37 to AC
      • Hit - Kills 1
    • 2nd attack - 25 to AC
      • Miss

  • Jaela
    • Shared Madness - 30 to Will
      • Hit - 17 damage to two of them, kills them

  • Aludra
    • Storm Howling Strike (Blast 3) - Nat1
      • Miss
    • Boiling Cloud (Burst 1)

  • Harper
    • Throws Lightning - Nat1 Good Timing - 21 vs Reflex - Uses his necklace to add 1d6 - 25 vs Reflex
      • Miss, and Harper takes 5 damage - uses an action point - 3 of them explode
    • Blazing Starfall - 29 vs Reflex
      • Hit - 22 damage - kills 4 demons

four demons left, two start their turns in Aludra's Boiling Cloud and die

  • Demons
    • Attack Jaela - 37 to AC
      • Hit - 12 damage
    • Attack Thom - 23 to AC
      • Miss

Round Three

  • Thom
    • 32 vs AC
      • Hit - kills it

  • Jaela
    • Oath of Enmity, halberd attacks - 25 to AC
      • Miss
    • Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes - 32 to AC
      • Kills it

Combat Ends

  • Jaela rolls an Athletics to pick up Aludra and jump out the window - 19
    • She does it, but misses Sparkles and hits the ground, they both take 5 damage

  • Harper uses Aracana to magic his way down and out the window - 21
    • He lands on top of Bruno Mars the Griffon