Episode 123 - A Bigger, Burninger, Bar Brawl

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"You should sell them drugs! Hey, kid! Hey, Kid! We'll sell you this Silverweed Oil for 7 gold. It's good shit." ~ Lord Titus Harper


Episode 123 - A Bigger, Burninger, Bar Brawl

When your boy gets punched in the face there is nothing else for you to do other than to Break Bad and and protect him. And sometimes you need to send a message that punching strangers is not ok. Not at all ok. If they give you one black eye then you burn down their club*. Simple.

  • This only applies when you are facing chaotic evil creatures.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Knathanial Gnoll



Steve-Gnoll, or Sleve, if you will, has just found himself on the wrong end of a punching fist! The puncher is none other than a large bugbear. They fight and it's also a skill challenge kind of! Harper lights the bar on fire and Aludra gets herself trampled trying to find a way out. Someone nearly recognizes Steve's voice, but he is able to deflect the accusation, and Jaela is able to sneak them out. They decide to get away from the bar and scoot. They want to talk to someone so Thom attempts to breakdance with some young hooligans. They offer them information if the old people promise to leave them alone. In order to get into the tower where Bucky is being kept, they will have to go through the sewers. They also say that's where Yeenoghu is. Harper promises to give the child, Knathanial Gnoll, 12 gold if he accompanies them to the sewers. He then scares them into admitting that there was no sewer entrance, they were just taking the piss, mate! Harper pays them for serious information, and the kids say they might be able to go into the tower while meat is being brought in. They take 3 gold and run off to buy drugs.

As they are contemplating their next move, Gobby from last episode shows up. Okay, Bye! He tells them that he is about to go into the tower, and do they want to go with him? They do. They enter the evil tower...


  • Someone (Thom) is finally able to use Streetwise!

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - 19
    • Nika - 12
    • Tim - 11
    • Jennifer - 18

  • Initiative/Skill Challenge!
    • Jaela-Gnoll - 21
    • Harper-Gnoll - 14
    • Aludra-Gnoll - 14
    • Thom/Steve-Gnoll - 12

Round One

  • Jaela
    • Makes an Acrobatics check to sweep the leg and punch the wind out of the bugbear - 23
      • Misses the punch
    • Action Point - 33
      • Knocks the motherfucking wind out of this guy

  • Harper
    • Uses a chandelier to jump kick a dude (Acrobatics check) - 33
      • Their faces get kicked super hard

  • Aludra
    • Does an Endurance check to grab a large half-ogre and spin him around until he becomes ill - 20
    • Action Point - Nat20
      • Grabs his ass by accident at first, but then spins him until he drops a barrel onto his own head

  • Thom/Steve
    • Bluff rolls to decieve someone that he is not a Meloncamp - 35
      • He believes him

Round Two

  • Jaela
    • Rolls Perception to find a loose barrel to knock over - 28
      • Success - Domino topples a ton of barrels, coating the tavern in gross ale

  • Harper
    • Uses Arcana to blow up a barrel with a fireball - 23
      • Success - Lights the entire fucking bar on fire

  • Aludra
    • Perception to find a way out - 23
      • Fail - She leads them straight into a stampede to get trampled

  • Thom/Steve
    • Athletics to shoulder check a bugbear to knock him into the wall - 19
      • Fail
    • Action Point - 33
      • Success - There is a bugbear shaped hole in the wall

Round Three

  • Jaela
    • Stealth to try to sneak out of the tavern undetected - 35
      • Success - They sneak out, ending the skill challenge

Skill Challenge ends

  • Thom uses Streetwise, finally to find whoever is most helpful to talk to - 34
    • Sees some kids breakdancing.

  • Thom then uses Acrobatics to breakdance with them - 19
    • It's pretty bad

  • Harper Intimidates Knathanial Gnoll to get him to come with them - 24
    • Success - He reluctantly agrees