Episode 124 - For Little Bucky

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Aludra the Birthday Dwarf!


Episode 124 - For Little Bucky

It feels like it has been a long and tough road, but here we are inside the tower of Yeenoghu where our brave little Buckster is holed up. It will take great strength and courage to rescue our little Githyanki boy, but by the power of Erathis, I know we can do it! We all just have to work together and believe in ourselves or some such.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The gang, being led by Gobby the Hobgoblin, into the tower in the middle of the city of gnolls. As Harper looks back to ask if Thom is okay, he sees a tentacle emerge from the wall and pull him in. Blood Drinker is left behind, and Jaela picks it up! It speaks with her, asking about Thom, and tells Jaela that she has a darkness in her. It urges her to drink some blood. She sheaths it and lies to the others about whether or not the sword can talk, but is caught by Harper. As they discuss, Harper's voice cracks, and they realize that they don't have much time before they turn back into their human forms. They remember what Zird the Arcane told them, that they would be wearing whatever they were wearing to their birthday party when they change back. Another tentacle attacks and strangles Harper. Jaela swings at it with Blood Drinker. It sparks as it hits, as if the tentacle were made of stone. Harper escapes by turning himself into lightning. They run away, protecting their throats.

Two gnoll guards meet them down a hallway. They inquire as to why they are there, and Harper attacks. They destroy one of guards, Aludra dealing the killing blow, before the two guards even know what hit them. The other guard surrenders just as the gang changes back into their non-gnoll form. They interrogate the yielding gnoll, asking where they can find their young Githyanki boy, whom he tells them, is in the throne room. Harper threatens the gnoll, who's name is Robby, into taking them to the throne room. He is, however, too afraid to go into it himself. So they leave him and enter the throne room themselves. Inside is a "tall, opulent figure" holding a whip. He turns and they see it is a green goblinish person wearing the skin of a gnoll. It is Bucky! AND! A terrifying monster spider creature climbs down the wall with the head of a donkey!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!


  • This episode was recorded on Mike Bachmann's birthday, hence why he is not on the podcast. Apparently the only thing he wanted was to not be on the podcast. It was also recorded two days after Jennifer Cheek's birthday.

Quest Log Updates


  • Harper rolls Insight to see if Jaela is lying about Blood Drinker - 24
    • He doesn't think she's telling the truth

  • Jaela rolls to attack a tentacle with Blood Drinker - 22
    • Sparks fly off, it is made of stone

  • Harper rolls Arcana to escape the grasp of the tentacle - 27
    • Success - He escapes

  • Aludra uses Heal to heal Harper's itchy throat - 30
    • He is healed

Combat Begins vs two gnoll guards

    • Jaela - 26
    • Aludra - 19
    • Harper - Nat1 (12)
    • Guard 1
    • Guard 2

Surprise Round

  • Harper (Bonus Round)
    • Lightning/Acid Orb Attack - 34 vs Reflex
      • Hit - 31 damage

  • Jaela
    • Dirvish Strike (x2) - 23 vs AC, 38 vs AC
      • Hit - 25 damage
    • Attacks another - 24 vs AC
      • Miss

  • Aludra
    • Zealous Strike - 24 vs AC
      • Miss
    • Rerolls - 29 vs AC
    • Hits the other - 33 vs AC
      • Hit - 10 damage

Round One

  • Jaela
    • Blood Drinker - Nat20
      • Hit - 32 damage

  • Gnoll Guard
    • Surrenders