Episode 126 - Live Show 2015

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"Maybe we could Find a Path, or maybe Fate would guide us? Or that weird anime RPG!" ~ Titus Harper

"Starting very soon, Drunks and Dragons will be in glorious Fifth Edition!" ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 126 - Live Show 2015

We were so very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to record this episode live in front of a studio audience. Now, we put on a visual show so that the audience had something to look at while they got their normal auditory DnDcast experience. This means that you should probably watch the video if you get a chance. I mean really, you should. It was amazing and strange.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



In the Temple of Yeenoghu, the gang has just defeated Bucky-Demon, Ros-Demon, Daisy-Demon, and Thom-Demon, reverting them back to thier normal forms. Except Daisy for some reason. She still has some demonic weirdness, but is nice now. Jaela is still unconscious. Some extras come up, who are actually Darkblade players. They play gnoll guards, who converse about the players. Fred Greenleaf proposes!!!

Thom wakes up and doesn’t know what happened. He uses Inspiring Word to heal Jaela. He then learns that Jaela has Blood Drinker. He tries unsuccessfully to get it back. Zird enters with the griffons, Peter, Sparkles, and Bruno Mars. Harper puts his finger in Zird's mouth to thank him.

Bucky says that Fennekin took Bucky to Yeenoghu and killed him, stole his skin and gave it to Bucky to corrupt him. He relays that Yeenoghu was unable to even hurt Fenniken despite being incredibly powerful himself. This concerns Zird who tells them a tail of woe:

"There is a long history of this happening. Powerful users of magic taping into the the very essence of the universe and bending it to their will. Wizards who have studied - not sorcerers. This first happened with Sinu the Red. He almost destroyed the world. The great wizards had to band together. They had to tap into the bones of the very universe and alter them to destroy him. They called this the First Edition. They moved onto the Second Edition. That’s when the White Spire was formed. Just so you know. But once again, a great power emerged and threatened to destroy the world. His name was Grognard of Th’coe. The White Spire once again was able to tap into the core of the universe and change it, so that Grognard could be destroyed. This new universe was called the Third Edition. They really fucked it up and they immediately had to jump into what we call the 3.5 Edition. That’s when the Mistress of the Paths came about. And actually people didn’t mind her so much. But they had already started destroying the universe and they moved onto the Fourth Edition. Which is where we are now. But I feel like we will not be able to destroy Fennekin if we do not move on. We have to tap into the core again and break it apart.”

He explains that there is a very powerful spell that he needs all of their help to cast. The spell is sometimes called “The Many Balls of Color”, but other people call it the Twist’ar. He has opened a hole into the very core of the Fourth Edition. However, they are unable to successfully perform the ritual due to Thom getting his lefts and rights mixed up.

Saddened, Zird explains that there is only one other way to do it. Needle in the Hay begins playing. He says he can use the Hammer of Sundering to destroy the Twist’-ar. He says “I’m going to miss you all so very much.” Harper and Zird kiss! After tearful goodbyes, Zird sacrifices himself and destroys the Twist’-ar, bringing an end to the Fourth Edition, and ushering in the Fifth Edition of Magic.

The gang then defiles his body before the episode ends.


  • This episode was filmed before a live studio audience. The video can be found here.
  • The gang is wearing the outfits they were wearing to their 14 birthday parties, as per Zird's spell, which ended in Episode 124 - For Little Bucky.
  • This is technically the last Fourth Edition episode.
  • An alternate title of this episode is "The Heroes of a Sundered Realm".

Inventory Updates

  • -1 Zird from the party :(

Quest Log Updates


  • Twist-ar
    • Left Hand Green
    • Right Foot Green
    • Right Foot Red
    • Left Hand Blue
    • Left Foot Yellow
    • Right Hand Blue
    • Right Foot Green