Episode 127 - The Conversion Cast

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"If we don’t have a fucking unicorn in our game, then I’m quittin'!" ~ Jennifer Cheek


Episode 127 - The Conversion Cast

Hello! This episode is a little weird. Instead of getting back in to our hard RP selves we take a step back and discuss what the gang will look like in our new 5e bodies. There are changes. There is hair where there used to be no hair. But with a little awkwardness and accidentally giving Aludra godlike AC we figure out the basic idea of our team. This also means we are entering into a zone of not entirelly being as comfortable as we used to be rule wise. So buckle up!

Cast and Player Characters


As stated above, this episode highlights each of the character's new abilities and descriptions, since the change to the Fifth Edition of Magic, last episode. They are also now all level 10 They new descriptions are as follows:


  • Level 10
  • Harper is now a Storm Sorceror.
  • He has Fireball.
    • Tim asks Michael if it is at all possible for this to be changed to Thunderball, as he is all thunder and lightning-based. This seems to have been forgotten about.
  • He has Metamagic.
  • Tim wants to use the Wild Magic Surge table, despite being a Storm Sorcerer.
  • He gets some kind of Bracers I have to go back to before 33 minutes to find out.
  • INFO:
    • 62 HP
    • 13 AC (without Bracers)
    • Hit Die = 10d6
    • STATS:
      • 18 CHA
      • 16 DEX
      • 14 CON
      • 14 IN
      • 11 STR
      • 9 WIS
    • Proficient in:
      • Arcana (of course)
      • Athletics
      • Deception
      • Persuasion
    • SPELLS:
      • Dominate Person
      • Fireball/Firebolt (interestingly, it sounds as though he is saying "Firebalt", which is obfuscating)
      • Lightning Bolt
      • Mage Hand!
      • Thunderwave
      • Conjure Elemental
  • His background is part noble/part soldier.
  • He is now good at playing 3-Dragon Ante.
  • pg 204 of DM Guide: Staff of Thunder and Lightning.


  • Level 10
  • Thom can do rituals.
  • He is no longer a Bard, he is a Barbarian, like Steve.
  • He still has Dragon Breath, which does 3d6 in a 5x30 line.
  • He has Rage.
  • He has Danger Sense.
  • Took the Path of the Totem.
    • Steve is his Spirit Animal.
  • He is naked as the day Uthgar made him.
  • Carrying Load has doubled.
  • Has Advantage on STR checks to push, lift, or break.
  • Has Feral Instinct.
  • Can Beast Sense, Speak with Animals, and Commune with Nature as rituals.
  • Blood Drinker, now a +3 sword, does 2d10 slashing damage, which is less than he did before, AND when he slays a living creature (not a construct, not undead, etc.), the wielder (Thom) gains 1d6 temporary hit points, and as long as said wielder has those hit points, will have Advantage on attack rolls (for 24 hours). Also, it will have a conflict with the wielder if three days pass without drinking blood.


  • Level 10
  • She is now a Paladin
  • Chose Oath of the Ancients
  • Specifically, she is a Mountain Dwarf
  • She can legally use heavy armor
  • She has Channel Divinity
  • She also has Aura of Warding
  • No one around Aludra, while she's conscious, can be frightened!
  • She can attack twice.
  • Moonbeam!!!
  • She has the spell Misty Step
  • She has Stonecunning
  • She can't get sick!


  • Level 10
  • Instead of a Deva, Jaela is now an Aasimar, but is called a Deva
  • She is also a Paladin
  • She took the Oath of Vengeance
  • She can attack twice with her halberd, and then smack them with the back end of it
  • Resistant to Necrotic and Radiant Damage
  • She has Darkvision
  • Rerolls 1's and 2's on damage, which is crazy!
  • Immune to diseases
  • Aura of Protection
  • Immune to Frighten
  • She has Relentless Avenger
  • And Polearm Master
  • She has Adamantium Platemail
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
  • She has the spells Misty Step, Revivify, Bless, Shield of Faith, and more!


  • Bachmann - 14
    • They then realize they don't have to do the recap