Episode 12 - Am I a Psycho?

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 12

Title: Am I a Psycho?

Air Date: 07/24/2014

Length: 01:23

Swear Jar Count: 53 , Staci gets a 55% penalty on the "Imma Die" die

Next Episode: Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia 2

Previous Episode: Episode 11 - It's Been So Long

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Man, disposing of a body is so much easier in the movies! Seriously! This is the one where the gang plays Weekend at Bernie’s.

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Here’s the awesome dog fanart for those of you who can’t view enhanced podcasts.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Erik and Emmett talk with Luna, the new arrival. Luna tells them that she is under orders from the Man Jack, and is going to stay with Erik. Erik explains wants to leave the facility to go after Eddie, but is hesitant to leave Mary to her own devices. Since it is late the party beds down for the night.

During the night Clem has the idea to scout the facility by going out for a walk with Erik. They manage to locate an elevator that leads to the surface, but the journey appears to be one-way.

The next morning Security shows up to apprehend Max. Erik turns them away, and Mary calls Erik shortly thereafter. Erik tries to coerce Mary to let him handle the Max situation, but Mary does not respond well. Erik then sweet talks his way out of trouble and sets up a face to face meeting.

Emmett is sent to find his friend in the control room and get surveillance on the lab Mary is in. Emmett discovers that Mary is still crippled, and is undergoing intensive medical care.

Luna confers with the Man Jack, and he dissuades the group from assassinating Mary. Before they leave, Luna requests that they remove Max's body. In order to make it possible to transport the body without raising suspicion, Clem casts a spell that levitates Max's body and makes it invisible.

After clearing people from the halls, the group heads up the elevator. However, the party discovers the source of the foul smell in the elevator after they surface in the bottom of a grave pit. Emmett takes in the sight of hundreds of rotting corpses and loses his grip on sanity.

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