Episode 12 - The Best Laid Plans

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 12

Title: The Best Laid Plans

Air Date: 11/12/2015


Swear Jar Count: 56, Staci has 60% on her "Imma Die" die roll for the episode.

Next Episode: Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia 3

Previous Episode: Episode 11 - Worlds Collide

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Ever had "one of those days?" You're about to.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Jack introduces the group to Tes. After revealing Jack’s machine, Tess explains that she is expecting trouble and that they need to run to the lab.

After getting ready to move out Tes opens the door, and comes face to face with Eddie. He points a large weapon at Tess and fires, killing her. Xander asks for his goggles back, and Eddie directs him to a box in the back of the room. As Eddie gloats over the party, they hear 42’s voice and suddenly Eddie explodes into pieces.

After recovering the key to the box, the group heads to the lab. Jack sets up his machine. Once it is powered up, the environment of the room changes. Jack asks for Xander’s goggles, and after donning them, he sees previously invisible Deep Ones in the room heading for the box. Jack tells Vaeda to return the lantern she just picked up from the bronze box, but she refuses. The group feels an increasing pressure. Vaeda changes her mind and tosses the lantern, but she accidentally steps backwards into a portal that opened and disappears.

Jack manages to catch the lantern, and puts it back into place. However, the increasing pressure immobilizes the party, so Jack asks Harold to help them. Suddenly Jack, Xander, and Luna pass through the station wall, and out into space. From the portal that opened Cthulhu appears and starts moving hurriedly towards them.

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