Episode 131 - The Heart of Evil

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The sacred spell, Twist'ar


Episode 131 - The Heart of Evil

How can one person know the heart of another? How can we look into the still waters of a calm lake and know for certain the the image looking back is blameless? We cannot. Regardless of what a “monster manual” or “D&D Wiki” says we all know that within each soul is the seed of good. From that seed will grow a “stump” that through the “grind” of time can become a valorous warrior.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Long Story

Ros was getting water when the Artixus attacked last episode, so she that's why she didn't fight. OR MAYBE SHE IS ARTIXUS HAVE WE EVER SEEN THEM IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER I'VE BEATEN YOU, MICHAEL!!! Anyway, Harper reveals that he was under the Suggestion of Artixus the Arcanaloth. Jaela heals Aludra, who is still wounded on the ground. Ros suggests to Thom that he take Adira's finger to use for his beast monstrosity. Ros also suggests they return to Avery T'léas at the White Dome, so that she can teleport them to Stockley. They agree so they do it, flying on the Griffons to get to Fairmire. During the flight, Jaela tries to strike up casual conversation with Harper, but he ignores her. He is pushed by everyone, especially Bucky, how he got his powers, about his dark past.

Eventually, they get to the White Dome of Fairmire, and once again have an argument amount bringing Blood Drinker through the Warding Circle. He is made to put it into the box they created last time they were here, but he puts in his Battle-Crazed Great sword instead. They call him out on this, and he makes a deal with Harper; Thom will put Blood Drinker in the box if Harper puts Adira's finger in the box. Harper reluctantly agrees. As they are about to go in, Bucky points out that he is technically an evil creature, so he can't go in either. After discussing how best to test if he can or can't go through the Warding Circle (Blood Drinker just acted like it was a physical barrier, so there's no reason they couldn't just have him put his hand up to it), Jaela walks up and knocks on the door. Avery T'léas greets them. Jaela asks if Bucky would be able to come through, and Avery replies that it should be, as not all Githyanki are evil, what kind of racist shit is that? They argue about it some more, and Thom cuts off a lock of the ol' Buckster's hair, and throws it through the Circle. It passes, so they walk through it, in this exact order: Thom, Jaela, Aludra, Harper, Bucky, Daisy... Ros is about to walk through and the episode ends!


After the fight with Artixus, they discuss what to do next and decide they need to get the Chum Guzzler from Stockley, and also to go to the Army of Bahamut, so they need to first go to the White Dome in Fairmire, to speak with Avery T'léas, who will teleport them to Stockley. They get to the White Dome, argue about Blood Drinker going through the Warding Circle there, leave it and Adira's finger in a box outside, argue about Bucky going through the Warding Circle, and eventually they all walk through the Circle without incident, except for Ros, who is just about to walk through, when the episode ends.


  • Avery tells of Doug the Dark Elf Ranger who was good and did good thing throughout the land

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - Nat1 - Reversed Bapped
    • Nika - 9
    • Jennifer - 13
    • Bachmann - 4

  • Harper rolls Arcana to see if the Adira finger was real or an illusion - 9
    • He's pretty sure it's real, but he doesn't know

  • Everyone rolls Animal Handling to fly the Griffons (with advantage)
    • Jaela - 19
    • Harper - 13
    • Thom - 21
    • Aludra - 11
      • They don't have any trouble