Episode 133 - Making it to Mastwick

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Harper expressing his antiquated views, while Jaela and Aludra love each other
"We cross our fingers. That's the symbol for 'Fuck Ros'" ~ Aludra/Jennifer


Episode 133 - Making it to Mastwick

Things are bad all around, it seems, but we will not let that stop us. No we will not. While the world is crumbling around us, we adventurers are called to meet higher expectations. As we enter a familiar place we know that it is our duty to leave it better than we found it. If adventurers cannot save this dirty, stinky land, who can?

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Having just left off with everyone walking through the Warding Circle of the White Dome in Fairmire (Ros being the last one through, and everyone was wondering if she was going to make it), Ros walks through and nothing unusual happens!!! After a light airing of grievances between her and Harper, Avery greets them all, expressing her mild surprise that the gang has made it back alive. They meet several of the NPCs in the Dome, and then get to the business at hand, asking Avery if they can be teleported to either Stockley or the Army of Bahamut. They think they should probably go to Mastwick, which is near the Army of Bahamut, and Avery says that she can have a scout sent out to the Chum Guzzler, to tell them to meet them at Mastwick. She send Erynn Colleen (!!!) out to do that. Avery agrees to teleport them to Mastwick, but in order for the spell to work, it requires a very specific emotional connection to be made. One must speak aloud his or her most embarrassing memory.

As they tell their tales, blue flames sprout up and begin to lick at them. Harper/Tim tells of the time that he got trapped in the spinny gate thing at a train station in Boston, because his backpack got caught, and there was another woman there, and that was pretty embarrasing. The flames spring up around him. Thom/Bachmann tells of the time that it was his birthday, and he told everyone of his upcoming birthday party that he wasn't actually having, and his teacher called him out on it. The flames partly spring up around him, because he has two being in him that need to make the connection. Aludra/Jennifer talks about how she used to steal her mother's romance novels, and secretly read and return them, but then one time, she used a phrase about "tasting her wares" from one of them her mother caught her. The flames spring up around her. Steve/Bachmann regales them with the time that he was in third grade and got a really good grade on stories we "wrote", but actually stole from The Stinky Cheese Man. The flames fully spring up around him. Jaela/Nika admits that one time, while she had a crush on her friend's brother, she had to go to the bathroom while at their house and backed up the toilet, requiring a DC 17 CON saving throw him to have to go fix it, and also, she fell off the bed while trying to hide from him after he went asking about it. The flames spring up around her. Oh, but wait! Right before they teleport away, Avery shuts down the Warding Circle so that they can get Blood Drinker and Adira's finger. Oh, and also Bucky tells a story about how he was stump grinding, but then he masturbated. Then Ros says that she was in pirate school and drank too much tequila and she threw up in the sink at her friend's house, whose mom was not supposed to be home, but she did come home, and Ros told her to go fuck herself several times.

They teleport to the White Spire in Mastwick! They are there met by Marlamin Windlore, welcomes them. They discuss what they are going to do in the town and the episode ends.


Ros and everyone else walks through the Warding Circle. They all meet a bunch of people at the White Dome and then Avery T'léas teleports them to Mastwick, but in order for it to work, they have to reveal their most embarrassing story.


  • There are many NPCs in the White Dome, including:
    • Scar - A large half-orc, with a spiked chain. His skin is perfect and flawless in every way
    • Kevin the Matador-chu - A guy wearing a matador's outfit
    • Doctor Evan McGillicuddy - A healer
  • The only remaining White Spires are in Mastwick and Pelor's Hope
  • Michael names one of the NPCs Erynn Colleen! This is anachronistic, as we meet another Erynn Colleen later, who is also a member of another White Spire. Most likely, Michael just forgot he already used that name, but it is possible that this is the same character
  • Another NPC, Marlamin Windlore, is also used later on, again in a similar context, so it is now presumed that this was intentional, although maybe not, fuck. This Marlamin Windlore graduated from wizard college, while the other one was not a wizard, so ???
  • The White Spire on Mastwick is on Pine Street

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 8
    • Tim - 7
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Bachmann - 14