Episode 134 - A Slight Dragon Based Dilemma

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"You can't just ask someone her name!" ~ Harper

"That's literally how you meet people!" ~ Aludra


Episode 134 - A Slight Dragon Based Dilemma

Mastwick sure is different than I remember it… were there always so few Teiflings? I swear I would have remembered a big ol’ red dragon ruling the place… but maybe not?Well now that we are here, I guess we need to try and well, not be here. Issue is, I guess big ol’ red dragons are used to getting their way with folks. Guess we just need to do something reckless. Yeah, that seems more our speed.

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Long Story

Ah, Mastwick. The City on the Sea. Mastwick used to be a very diverse place, but now, looking around, Jaela, Aludra, Thom/Steve, and Harper (and also Ros and Bucky, I guess), notice that there are no Tieflings. Aludra, having been here before, takes them to the Foaming Tankard, which she has been to before. They meet a certain shirtless, hatless elf, who is unconscious that Jaela wakes up and asks the name of. It is Flyson. They also talk to the bartender, Mad Willie Bonnie. They also talk to the barmaid Steph Kingston. Her, they ask about the Army of Bahamut, which she tells them is at New Newfoundland Land. She tells them of Pyre, the Ancient Red Dragon that rules over Mastwick. A small halfling woman enters, and Jaela feels a strange, unexplainable connection to her. This is, in fact, Sina, and she mentions to the gang, her brother Tum. At this point, everyone starts to get rowdy and drunk, so Aludra calms them down with boob burritos.

Harper doens't know how to find Adira, so he sends a quick message to her:


I have your finger.

Please tell me you are alive.

Where are you?

Near New Newfoundland Land." - (18 words)

She replies:


Ow, my finger.

I hope you still have it.

I'm in the Barony of New Stigia.

Enslaved by devils.

They are the worst." - (24 words)

Harper explains all of this to the others, and they decide to go New Newfoundland Land to find the Army of Bahamut, and someone there might know about about the Barony of New Stigia. Jaela buys some more ancient Creme Brule for ol' Harp Harp. Harper tells Bucky and Ros to stay in Mastwick, to wait for the boat. He then pays a nearby guard 20 gold, and tells him, "Make sure those two are watched, in a good way, but make sure the lady there is watched, in a bad way." The guard tells them that they can't leave. Pyre doesn't let anyone leave. Then Footpad Calor, though he is a Robber now, appears! They all explain things, the gang about their situation, and Calor about Pyre. He loves rubies, and has been talking about this new thing that he wants, some kind of monster things. It's possible that he could set up a meeting with Pyre. They ultimately decide to do that. They also ask about the Barony of New Stigia. It seems to be a demon encampment. He knows that the Army of Bahamut is nearby, and looking to invade the Barony. He tells them that the Army of Bahamut has slaves. They are not good people. He says that he will set up the meeting for... next episode!


They explore Mastwick a little go shopping. They go to the Foaming Tankard and meet Steph and Tumasina. Harper communes with Adira and they decide to go to New Newfoundland Land, and then meet Footpad Calor who is a Robber now. He says that they can't leave Mastwick, because Pyre won't let them, but he agrees to set up a meeting with him.

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