Episode 135 - It is Getting Hot in Here

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Jaela has gotten herself into quite an embarrassing predicament
"I can make a color, a small mark, or a symbol appear on an object or surface for one hour. So the color I want is red, and the surface I want is Thom!" ~ Titus Harper


Episode 135 - It is Getting Hot in Here

When you make a new dragon based friend it is so important to know their likes and dislikes. What makes them prickly? What makes them sad? If you do not arm yourself with this basic information then you will most likely get eaten up. Or burned. Or both. Well, your brave adventurers are smart and resourceful – they will not make another mistake that will lead to them all dying again. Not anytime soon, anyways. Knowledge is power, and we are pretty sure we have this dragon’s number. Red things. He likes red. That should do it.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Well, here we are. Footpad Robber Footpad Calor has arranged a meeting with the dreaded Pyre. He leads them into Pyre's chambers, and it's very warm there. As they navigate through the hallways, it only get hotter and hotter. Aludra is sweating profusely, and Jaela gives her a fan. They finally get to a room with two guards barring the door. A man with a ledger, who says that there is just one person in front of them in line. They meet a short plump woman waiting in line in front of them. Jaela introduces herself and they learn her name is Gertrude. She says that she has a business proposition for Pyre, but she is nervous, because she heard that he has a very short temper. The door before them opens, and Gertrude walks through. Through the door, the gang can hear a muffled conversation. Soon, they can hear the sound of Pyre breath blasting. It sure sounds like Pyre just roasted the fuck out of ol' Gertrude.

Nervously, Calor tells them that he will do all the talking. They briefly discuss how best to get into Pyre good graces, and Harper suggests Prestidigitizing Thom to look red, more in line with what Pyre looks like. He does this. The smoldering husk of Gertrude is brought out, and Calor and the gang are ushered in. There is a large, boiling hot, dark room, with magma pits around. A dark shape toward the back, reveals itself to be Pyre. He is intimidating looking, and they see so much treasure around, that they think they could each found their own kingdom. Pyre tries to frighten them, but Jaela's ability makes them immune to being frightened. Robber Calor speaks with Pyre (which is funny), and tells him he is sorry that he was unable to get the Slaadi for him, but these fine adventurers should be able to do it. Pyre expresses his disappointment in Robber Calor, and kills him.

In a panic, Harper pulls out a pocketfull of rubies and throws them at Pyre, which makes the beast slightly more docile. He commands that they shall bring him four Red Slaadi. Harper knows what a Slaad is. They are gross frog-like beings, creatures of pure chaos. Pyre wants their head crystals. The gang is hesitant, and Pyre strikes Thom with his tail, knocking him down. They agree to do it.

The attendant outside tells them that they should bring the Slaadi back alive. He says that they can remove the crystal on the tops of their heads with some kind of Strength check, and once the crystal are removed, they become docile, and can be controlled. He also gives them a map to where to find them. This should be fun...


Footpad Calor brings the gang to meet Pyre, who will hopefully let them leave the city. They meet Gertrude who is killed by Pyre, and then they are brought in, along with Calor, who is also killed by Pyre. The dragon then commands them to bring him four Red Slaadi, alive, and they agree to.


  • This is the first episodes that features a married Mike Bachmann! He is a man grown now!
  • Thom takes the legs of Robber Calor for his refrigerated unit
  • Harper used the spell Creation to create those rubies, they are due to turn back into junk in about two minutes.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 4
    • Tim - 10
    • Jenifer - 2
    • Bachmann - 15

  • Harper, Jalea, and Aludra roll Perception outside of Pyre's door
    • Harper - 22
    • Jaela - 23
    • Aludra - 9
      • They notice the guy with the ledger getting nervous and fidgety, and then they hear the (alleged) death of Gertrude

  • They all roll Nature to see if they know what Slaadi are
    • Harper - 21
    • Thom - 15
    • Jaela - 1
    • Aludra - 11

  • Pyre Melee Attacks Thom with his tail - 24
    • Hit - 19 bludgeoning damage