Episode 137 - That’s a Bingo!

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"You're trying to railroad this podcast into a podcast." ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 137 - That’s a Bingo!

When preparing to leave a town or settlement for an extended period of time it is important to be mentally and physically prepared. Sure, grabbing ropes and food and such is good, but what about your mental state? When was the last time you had a good time at a club? These are the questions that are not asked enough by adventurers and it often leads to their deaths. Be safe.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • George, a guard
  • Molandra
  • Some Teens
    • Tim




Long Story

Aludra, Harper, Jaela, and Thom/Steve have just decided, after much deliberation, to go find the Slaadi for Pyre and bring them and their head crystals back to Mastwick. In search of information on Slaadi, they all go to the library, your classic Dungeons and Dragons type adventure. Harper finds a book entitled "Slaads and Slaadi Through the Ages", which tells of Primus, a god of order, who attempted to fix the plane of Elemental Chaos by throwing a crystal into it, which worked and began to create order. But! All of the negative chaos energy was sucked up into the crystal, and began to emerge back in the Material Plane, in the form of these gross frog-like creatures, called the Slaadi.

It's late at night, so they decide to head out in the morning. For tonight, it's time to party! Harper approaches some nearby teens and asks them where the coolest club is. One of the teens, weirdly named Tim, tells them there is one that they will really like on Orchard Lane, called The Bingo Emporium. Tim and the other teens mock the gang, by simply pointing things out about them, so Thom curses them in the name of Uthgar. 9 winged-bears come out and rampage through and eat the teens. They end up going to bingo night anyway, and it turns out its the coolest! There's great music, neat clothes, etc. They meet another party-goer named Molandra, who offers them pills, which they take. They mix the silverweed oil and the hellwasp honey and drink it, and don't remember the rest of the night.

They wake up ON SLABS! No. Actually they wake up in a strange room they haven't seen before. Thom is wearing Harper's underwear, and Harper isn't wearing any pants. It's pretty crazy. Thom finds biscuits that are painted red in his inventory, and he vaguely recalls thinking that he could trick Pyre with them. Well, it's morning now, so they buy some supplies, like snacks and rope. Then they leave. It takes about two days to reach the Slaadi's location. As they draw nearer, they notice some strange things going on in the forest, such as squirrels crawling up trees backwards, plants that grow upside down, etc. They see a crackling red light ahead of them. Daisy, who came with them with a cart of their things, carries said cart up a tree, because she can do that, because she's a terror. They see large toadstools, where Slaadi live. They decide to sneak up on the them, to watch their movements. They split up, girls and guys, and Thom and Harper are like ghosts, with their silence. Aludra and Jaela, whoever, make a ruckus. Jaela accidentally throws Aludra into the center of 8 Slaadi. (Michael forgets this number in the next episode and says that there are 10.)


The gang parties hardy, and in the morning they head out to find the Slaadi. They do that and try to sneak up on them, but end up making a bunch of noise. Truly moving at a break-neck speed, this show.


  • It seems that if you've had sex, you develop a British accent, while virgins have an American accent. Hmm...
  • This episode may or may not feature Jaela and Aludra's first time. Seems like it should have already happened, but whatever

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 13
    • Jennifer - 18
    • Bachmann - 15
    • Tim - 5

  • Harper rolls Investigation to find information on Slaadi in the Mastwick Library - Nat20
    • He find a book called "Slaads and Slaadi Through the Ages"

  • They all roll Stealth to sneak up on the Slaadi