Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia 2

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 13

Title: Triskaidekaphobia 2

Air Date: 08/07/2014

Length: 01:05

Swear Jar Count: 33, Josh gets a 35% on his "Imma Die" die. Veronica, having out swore the rest of the cast, offers the perk: cast gets to make Veronica re-roll one die roll.

Next Episode: Episode 14 - I Am a God

Previous Episode: Episode 12 - Am I a Psycho?

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Emmett becomes suddenly aroused and leaps on a corpse. Luna and Erik recoil in disgust. Erik, unable to restrain Emmett, manages to knock him unconscious.

As they are getting ready to leave Erik and Luna notice a mound of corpses moving. After hearing muffled yells, Erik dives into the pile to find the source of the noise. Luna pulls out a man who is bound, and gagged. It’s Warren Mason.

After being freed, the Erik finds that Warren is badly injured, and barely aware of his surroundings. Erik and Luna try to get Warren and the unconscious Emmett out of the grave pit. However, they are stopped by a ghoul who demands that they leave Emmett. Erik refuses, and the Ghoul shows them that they are outnumbered by many other ghouls that are feasting nearby. Erik, left without any viable options, asks Clementine for help. Clem chants in some strange language, and suddenly shouts for them to run. Erik and Luna (suddenly invisible) try to escape, but the ghouls are able to track them using their scent. Clem is severely wounded fighting off the ghouls and passes out. Erik and Luna manage to get everyone out of the pit and into Luna’s vehicle. Luna then rushes them to a safehouse.

The party arrives at a lonely old house. A small man, by the name of Herbert West, lets them in. After Emmett regains consciousness, he is assailed by an angry Erik who blames him for what happened to Clem. Luna tries to treat Clem’s injuries, but it doesn’t look good. Luna tries to communicate with the sleeping Clementine. Clem tells Luna that she won’t be gone long, and then draws her last breath. She sends her last thoughts to Erik telling him that she loved him. Erik starts weeping uncontrollably and then suddenly looks up happy. She’ll be right back, she just went to the store.. it’s fine... Erik says with a smile on his face.

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