Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia 3

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Episode Stats

Season 3 Episode 13

Title: Triskaidekaphobia 3

Air Date: 12/17/2015


Swear Jar Count: No swear jar count.

Next Episode: Episode 14 - We All Fall Down

Previous Episode: Episode 12 - The Best Laid Plans

From the Website

There's really no reason to fear the number thirteen. Right? Welcome to Triskaidekaphobia 3.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

The group is on the other side of the portal floating in space near earth. Harold turns into an odd creature with long bony spines coming out of his appendages. As they fall back down to earth, Xander gathers up the artifacts into the bronze box. 42 and Jack manage into avoid damage from the fall, but Xander and Luna aren't so lucky. As they hit the ground, Xander breaks his legs and Luna is impaled on Harold's appendages.

Suddenly a bright beam of light flashes and then Clem and Erik appear nearby. Harold transforms back into a man and opens the box. As the group gathers around the box, Cthulhu approaches and Harold goes after him with a roar. Clem tells them that the obsidian piece needs to be charged. 42 offers Mary Mason from her head, which is absorbed by the obsidian.

Suddenly the white ship appears. As the group hurries up the light bridge towards the ship, they are greeted by Mary Mason - who is now the captain. Clem jumps off the ship and emits a powerful beam of light at Cthulhu. Jack levitates and allows the ship to fly on without him and Xander. Mary then flies the ship down at the ground towards Clem and they disappear.

Jack, with Xander in his arms, floats down to the ground and makes his way towards the box. Just as they get a hand on it, so does 42 and Cthulhu.

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