Episode 140 - The Woman Who is Wearing a Spider-like Dress

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{From Left to Right}: Sailor Thom, Sailor Jaela, Sailor Aludra, and Sailor Harper.

"Dwarves lay eggs, duh!" ~ Aludra the Dwarf

"Take a knee!" ~ Various


Episode 140 - The Woman Who is Wearing a Spider-like Dress

After working up a real sweat after that whole Slaad business the gang heads back to Mastwick, not trusting the “return this quest to me” NPC, to make sure Pyre was happy. Since we already have a few terrible dragons who are not so happy with us it seemed like the most wise. I guess you could say our spirits were high! We fought those chaotic Slaadi and then successfully harvested enough crystals. Plus, we made a new friend in the newly freed Slaad. All smiles as we approached the Barony of New Stygia. We were pumped, so what could ruin this wonderful mood?! As always, we are fools.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Aludra, Harper, Jaela and Thom/Steve have decided to head to the Barony of New Stigia, to save Harper's sister Adira from Baron von Du, and the rest of the demons. Jaela suggests that when they get there, she and Aludra will investigate in a non-sneaky way (because we all know what happened last time), and let Thom and Harper know, using a secret word, if it's chill or not. If it's chill, they'll walk right in, if not, they'll go in sneaky. As they deliberate, presumably as they are walking towards New Stigia, Aludra's stomach makes a strange gurgling sound, which she attributes to being hungry. But, she feels a little weird. Jaela carries her and rubs her stomach at the same time. Harper gives her ginger cookies. It's all very sweet. They decide to take Slaad the Slaad, Daisy and her cart, and also Bucky, but not Ros. Ros thinks, and Bucky agrees, that Bucky should stay with Ros. Bucky feels that Ros is more his mother figure than Aludra, because Aludra is gone a lot. Eventually, not wanting to part from each other, Ros and Bucky both go with them. They head out.

Thom and Aludra both feel a little strange. Along the road, they begin to see posts with skulls on them. The road begins to improve. They soon come across a settlement, surrounded by log walls with parapets. There is a main gate, guarded by two "skeletony, demony looking guys". But they're devils with spiky skin, not actual skeletons. Jaela reminds them that Artixus was trying to take them to this place, so perhaps they would be welcome? Harper, in turn, reminds them that they murdered Artixus, or tried to, anyway. They think that Harper can take the blame for that, since he is most likely to have been offended by sending a servant to summon him. Harper then gives some explosive powder to Ros and Bucky, telling them to guard the exit, and if it looks like something bad is about to happen, light it and it will send off a kind of flare. They go up to the guards, and the guards attack!

They are about to make them lay their weapons down when Aludra uses her paladin powers to make them run away. The gate doors swing open, and behind it are 50 more devils. After a tense pause, the crowd parts, and a human figure approaches from within. An attractive woman, in a devilish outfit. She has chestnut colored hair. Harper recognizes this as his sister, Adira!!! She says, "Boy, you've made this a lot easier on me than I thought it would be."


Everyone takes a knee. Then, they roll up on the Barony of New Stigia, where they find two guards. Aludra makes them run away, then an army of demon guards arive. Harper's sister, Adira, steps out! and seems to be controlling them...


  • The "Take a Knee" episode
  • Harper doesn't remember what year it is, thinking it's 362. It's actually sometime around 1701
  • Harper wants to come up with a name for their adventuring party. This doesn't happen for quite a while...
  • Ros likes Nika/Jaela's headband!

Quest Log Updates


  • Thom makes a mysterious CON saving throw - 12

Combat begins vs two devil guards

  • Initiative
    • Devil 1
    • Devil 2
    • Jaela - 17
    • Harper - 15
    • Aludra - 9
    • Thom - 5

'Round One

  • Devil 1
    • Bites, then tail attacks, Jaela (with disadvantage) - 19, 25
      • Hit, Hit - 6 + 10 damage

  • Devil 2
    • Bites, then tail attacks, Aludra - 15, 24
      • Miss, Hit - 10 damage

  • Jaela
    • Persuades Devil 1 to bring them to Baron von Du - 17
      • He doesn't speak common, but recognizing the name, he is gives pause
    • Speaks really slowly and loudly to get it to understand

  • Harper
    • Shoots a Lightning Bolt off somewhere to get their attention, using Persuasion - 17
      • Unknown

  • Aludra
    • Uses Turn the Faithless to get them to stand down, requiring a DC 15 WIS saving throw
      • They both turn and run away