Episode 148 - The Devils You Know…

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Truly, the Red Wedding of Drunks and Dragons, for Thom the Dragonborn
"He catches [the treat] in his mouth, but he doesn't look very happy about it." ~ Michael DudeMauro, describing Luccan's actions


Episode 148 - The Devils You Know…

Having finally, for real this time, dealt with the remaining bits of the Army of Bahamut the gang sets their sights on the next phase of their plan. With only a little more than two dozen days left before Aludra and Thom’s head explode speed is of the essence. Th only issue is that these dang devils. Can they be trusted? Do we have a choice? Will everyone be mad at us (again) for working with devils even if we do it to save the world. These are the questions we must deal with as we fight to finish Fennekin.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Having just taken out the Army of Bahamut, Luccan and his friends seem to be reviving Lucky, who's not as dead as Michael said he was. They all search the camp, making sure there are no remainers. Luccan still thinks it's a good idea to attack Shadowspar Keep, but while still saving Harper's sister, Adira. Ballard is also there. Harper tells them all to remember them as heroes. They want to rest, and feast, and be thankful, so Luccan, just like old times, kills for them... a dreadwing behemoth! They celebrate with some good, ol' fashioned silverweed. They party the night away.

26 days remaining..

They head out to Shadowspar Keep, back to Adira. Along the way, Harper reveals to them that he has the device that will explode their heads, and gives it to Aludra. They are only a little hurt that he had this and kept it from them. Also, Harper is sure that this is the only device that will kill them, so they don't have to worry about someone blowing them up, just the 30 days thing. Now 26 days. Thom accidentally discovers that they are missing 10 lbs of Hellwasp Honey. Ballard comes up to them and says they stole some to make Hellwasp Honey Cakes for them, which are spicy. Harper asks Ballard to make mead out of their honey, which he says he can have ready the next time they come through here.

They explain everything to Luccan, and recommend they not kill the devils untill the devices are removed. Luccan suggests just finding the device they know existed at one point, but was missing. They part ways, with Luccan promising to meet up with them after they take out Fennekin. One day later, they arrive at Shadowspar Keep and meet up with Adira, being attended to by a devil in a tux, a a big gruff guy with a beard, who smells, and another guy sandy blonde hair and a scar under his left eye. This is Artixus. Thom shows them all the head of Gruemar the Silver, which they take out of the room on a silver platter. They all sit down for a nice awkward dinner.


Luccan and the gang have just defeated the Army of Bahamut, so they celebrate with some dreadwing behemoth. The next day, they head out to Shadowspar Keep, but not before Ballard gives them some Hellwasp Honey Cakes, and also promises to make them Hellwasp Mead should they ever find their way back here. Harper tells them he has the brain device, and they forgive him. They say goodbye to Luccan and hello to Adira when they get to Shadowspar Keep, and give the head of Gruemar the Silver to them. Then they have dinner.

Luccan Quotes

  • "Don't you arse-lickers worry..."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "Lucky took a hit, but he'll be okay. That fat bastard."
  • "Ah, for a smelly ogre-bollucks, you fought well as well."
  • "Well, you pencil-dicks are in luck, because I happen to have just, while you were talking just now, gone and killed a dreadwing behemoth."
  • "What do you duck-farts want?"
  • "I don't know what you cock-blasters should do."
  • "It was good seeing you again, and I'll miss your whore mouths."


  • Harper, when on drugs, rolls from the Wild Magic Surge Table
  • Ballard apparently had an older cousin named Old Man Weck, and an old wizardy uncle named Zed or something
  • Thom eats about 30 lbs of the Hellwasp Honey, which should their total down to 150 lbs, but it's actually mysteriously 140 lbs
  • Harper gives Ballard 40 lbs to Ballard to make mead for them, which should be ready the next time they come through here. We'll see if Michael remembers this
    • They now have 100 lbs
  • Harper is super into Barb

Inventory Updates

  • +Some Hellwasp Honey Cakes
  • -80 lbs of Hellwasp Honey

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - Nat20 - chooses Michael
    • Tim - 2
    • Jennifer - 16
    • Nika - 4

  • Harper rolls from the Wild Magic Surge Table - 64

  • Harper rolls Charisma to see if Barb is interested in him - 10
    • She is not