Episode 14 - Circling the Drain

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 14

Title: Circling the Drain

Air Date: 12/04/2013

Length: 01:15

Swear Jar Count: Totals were counted for all cast members, and penalties were applied to each member individually.

Mike: 0. No penalty.

Staci: 7. No penalty.

Josh: 9. No penalty.

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From the Website

Every party must come to an end! The gang leaves their fancy soiree and heads out of the city.

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

The man uses a knife to cut open the dead sacrifice, draining her blood. At that moment, Anya is sent up above the Earth and sees a being of fire named Cthuga that has come to burn the Earth. Xander, upon seeing Anya's eyes go black, goes over and touches her on the shoulder. He joins her above the Earth. After taking his hand off her shoulder he returns back to the Earth where he decides it is time to assemble the artifacts.

After a moment, Anya returns and joins Xander and Jack in assembling the artifcats. Erik killed the man who sacrificed the woman. Anya hears some scratching in the kitchen and opens the door, which lets a large Saint Bernard into the party. The Saint Bernard butts heads with her and telepathically communicates that she would protect her. After bringing the lanterns out of the bronze box, nightgaunts start trying to open the windows. The dog butts heads with Xander and tells him that it is not the place or time to do this.

After putting all the artifacts away, Erik is snatched by a nightgaunt and thrown off the building. The investigators escape out a servant door and down the stairs. Upon hearing the moaning of several zombies, they get out at the first floor (rather than the lobby). On the way out, they run into Erik who somehow landed on the first floor and cut out the power to the building. Jack heals him and the party goes off to find a car in order to escape.

After finding out that Erik has access to an FBI bunker, the party decides that is the safest place to assemble the artifacts. They make their way to the party and they deliberate whether it is time to rest or immediately assemble the artifacts. Jack decides that he wants to shower and clean up before assembling the artifacts. After going into the restroom to clean up, somehow a psychic link from Cthulhu renders him unconscious. He slips and falls in the shower. Anya screams and Xander comes running.

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