Episode 14 - I Am a God

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 14

Title: I Am a God

Air Date: 08/14/2014

Length: 01:14

Swear Jar Count: 25, Josh gets a 25% penalty to his "Imma Die" die. Since Veronica had the highest count, she awarded the perk: the cast is able to make Veronica reroll one roll.

Next Episode: Episode 15 - Cats & Dogs

Previous Episode: Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia 2

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Immortality is the heaviest cross to bear. We’ve missed you, Jack.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Eddie stares at Jack through the chain link fence. After a brief discussion, Eddie realizes that he is programmed to report Jack’s whereabouts to his mother. He internally rewrites his code to remove this programming. An intense bolt of lightning from a strange electrical storm strikes nearby and Jack and Eddie head out to investigate.

After walking a long distance, Eddie explains to Jack that Erik is after him, and is going to shut him down. Jack inquires how this happened, and Eddie tells him about his previous shut down. Jack suddenly takes the form of Erik Miller, and says the deactivation sequence. However, Jack is cut short when 42 knocks him out from behind.

Back at the house Lily hears a voice yell RUN, which wakes her. Lily searches the house and finds that Eddie and 42 are missing. She contacts Eddie and waits for him to get back to the house. After Eddie arrives he explains what happened with Jack. Lily is deeply upset and slaps Eddie. She goes on to explain that her parents died searching for Jack.

After an hour, Tess’s new clone walks out fully recovered. Eddie tells Tess about Jack, and she is shocked that Eddie didn’t hand over the key. After rousing Jack, Eddie tells him that the shutdown won’t work anymore. Jack asks him to demonstrate, and attempts the shutdown command again. Eddie remains on. Eddie asks Jack what he will do if he hands over the key. Jack tells him that he will remain at Tess’s house. Eddie seems satisfied by the explanation, and hands over the key.

Soon afterwards Lily barges into the cloning room interrupting an argument between Tess and Jack and demands to know if Jack killed her parents. Jack disavows any knowledge, but Tess recognizes the names. Tess explains that Lily’s parents are still alive, and that they are held captive in Innsmouth.

Cameron gets the bus pulled around and the group says their goodbyes to Tess. As Cam starts heading down the road the storm suddenly takes violent turn. A bright bolt of lightning hits the electric fence. When the blinding light dies away a Saint Bernard dog is standing where the bolt hit.

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