Episode 150 - Edge of the Abyss

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The gang, gazing upon Fennekin's Fortress

"What's the difference between peanut butter and jam? (Please don't make me finish this joke) I can't peanut butter my dick in your ass!" ~ Nika Howard, never forget

"Here's all my fingers. I am not gonna do any betrayal." ~ Lord Titus Harper

"Can I say something, Old Man Weck? That is extremely Old Man Wack of you..." Harper


Episode 150 - Edge of the Abyss

Now that it definitely seems like there is no turning back, I guess we have to attack the fortress that lies within the abyss that used to be Caer. I don’t think I saw any dancing clubs to distract ourselves or any side quests to go chase. Which is a shame, since that thing looks terrible. I have a bad feeling we are not going to come home. Yep, someone has had their last hell wasp honey, if you get my drift. But, it is for the good of the entire planet, so what is one life? Just wish it didn’t have to be one of us.

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Long Story

They've laid out loose plans to do a pincher move on Fennekin's Fortress, and that all four of them will go in, leaving no one outside to teleport them out. Wiggins is... *clears throat* wiggin' out (thank you, thank you), tugging at Aludra's pants, who speaks with the mouse using her spell. He asks her if she has any burritos that aren't bean burritos. She doesn't, but she promises to get him some others if she survives. And she gives him some bean burrito now. You know.

Captain Drox tells them that the army plans on marching at sundown. They discuss the hierarchy of who will use the hammer, should the others fall in battle. Thom suggests: Jaela, Harper, Aludra, Bucky, Ros, Daisy if we can work out the mechanics, and then Thom himself, and there's a re-animated Zird in there somewhere. Aludra speaks up and volunteers to do it, to save Bucky and the world, much to Jaela's dismay. Thom offers a new hierarchy: Aludra, Jaela, Harper, Thom. This is sort of okay with everyone except Jaela, who absolutely doesn't want Aludra to die for some weird reason. They go back to trying to decide who will lead which factions of the army. Thom, being quite the tank himself, should lead the ground troops, while Harper takes the rangers, Jaela leads the mounted cavalry, and Aludra takes the siege engines. Old Man Weck!!! shows up and reminds everyone that Thom is/was a griffon rider, so should he go with the cavalry? They don't really resolve this. But Old Man Weck is there! Jaela, remembering that the Hammer of Sundering will sunder all of a person's belongings as well as their body and soul, asks Thom if it would be a good idea to give Blood Drinker to Bucky. He doesn't want to do this, reminding her that the order is currently: Old Man Weck, Aludra, Jaela, Harper, and then Thom if necessary. Jaela insists that he at least throw the sword very far if, for whatever reason, he has to do it.

Harper reminds everyone (including the audience) that they still have the Pokéball from Riekert Svenson that will capture the should of someone, pure of heart, who uses the Hammer of Sundering. It's all detailed back in Episode 117 - The Breakfast Club. Old Man Weck gives praise to Aludra, saying she is brave for doing this. He asks her if she has any message to pass on to any loved ones. She agrees, and says to tell her parents that she is sorry for the way things have gone down, she loves them very much, and even though they disagreed on how she should live her life, she appreciates them, and she loves them very much. They all then go to bed.

In the morning (The army was gonna march at sundown, but I guess they can wait for these guys), they head out, and go toward where Caer used to be, to Fennekin's Fortress. They pass by Fairmire, to check out the White Dome. It is destroyed, but they are unable to find a body that might have once belonged to Avery T'léas. Harper, during the journey (which is about two weeks), makes rounds with his troops, claps them on the back, reassures everyone, and then goes to throw up behind a rock. They crest a hill, and hear a swirly, windy noise, and then they gaze their eyes on the Fortress of Fennekin, hanging in the middle of a giant crater. They hear a horn sound, which makes the troops cheer and scream, and charge!


More deliberation on what is going to happen. Aludra volunteers to use the Hammer of Sundering, and Jaela is not happy with that. They do agree that there should be a hierarchy, so if one of them goes down, they will have a back-up for someone else to use it. Old Man Weck!!! shows up to help them make their plans. They head out with their army and examine the White Dome on the way, but are unable to find the body of Avery T'léas. Eventually, they get to Fennekin's Fortress, and the battle begins!


  • Old Man Weck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaela sometimes hears a strange voice in her head, which she refers to as Michael... Perhaps it is an artificial intelligence, and M.I.C.H.A.E.L. stands for Mystery Intelligence of CHaotic and Anarchistic Evil... League...? Who's to say.

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - 7
    • Tim - Nat1 - 8
    • Jennifer - Nat1 - 14
    • Jaela - 2

  • Harper rolls Investigation to search for the body of Avery T'léas - 10
    • He does not find a body that could be her