Episode 151 - The Battle Above the Abyss

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"I'm at the end of my rooopppeee!" ~ Thom Vidalis


Episode 151 - The Battle Above the Abyss

After an impressive and rousing speech the army seems as ready as it will ever be for what lies before them. Hundreds of demons blot the sky. A huge menacing Balor directs the demons as they charge ahead. The heroes, atop their flying griffons, wonder just how they came to be in this situation. How they managed to be a part of a battle between hundreds of Devils and Demons for the fate of the world. As it always seems, there is not much time to think on how they got here as they charge forward in hopes of finally cracking a hole in Fennekin’s Fortress.

Now that it definitely seems like there is no turning back, I guess we have to attack the fortress that lies within the abyss that used to be Caer. I don’t think I saw any dancing clubs to distract ourselves or any side quests to go chase. Which is a shame, since that thing looks terrible. I have a bad feeling we are not going to come home. Yep, someone has had their last hell wasp honey, if you get my drift. But, it is for the good of the entire planet, so what is one life? Just wish it didn’t have to be one of us.

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The party, a massive devil army a their side, have begun their assault on Fennekin's Fortress! After a rousing, inspiring, and plagiarized speech by Titus Harper, the battle ensues. While an enormous siege engine approaches the void-pit surrounding Fennikin's Fortress, the army of devils must fend off waves of demons - hoping to keep the siege engine operational long enough to break into the fortress' outer shell.

Alurda Wyrmsbane and her "Beef Boys," charge forward with the siege engine in tow as Titus Harper soars higher into the sky, parting the clouds and commanding strong winds to make his archers' attacks more deadly. Several Vrocs fly directly for the archers in front, as others flank the left and right - focusing their attention on the siege engine. Hundreds more Vrocs pour out of the Fortress with each passing moment.

Thom Vidalis' units, (INSERT PREVIOUSLY TRADEMARKED STARCRAFT 2 UNIT NAME), later changed to "Beef Cakes", charge toward the void-pit just as a gigantic Balor takes flight toward the party. Jaela sends two battalions of her Hell Beasts to protect the siege engine and charges forward with two hundred of her flying troops to attack the Balor in mid air over the void-pit, dealing it substantial wounds. Only moments later, Aludra used her spell Moon Beam to destroy the Balor, turning it into "five thousand hunks of fiery demon tiddy."

The Hell Beasts led by Jaela are surrounded by Vrocs and decimated, despite Jaela killing hundreds of the demons. Jaela has a front row seat, through the cloud of Vrocs surrounding her, to see two more Balors clamor out of the abyss under the fortress.

Thom, from his seat atop the gargantuan ballista, commands his Beef Cakes to charge forward and aid Jaela as the two Balors attack. Many Beef Cakes were lost in the fiery altercation. During the fray, Titus and Aludra, along with their troops, valiantly defend Jaela, but she was swarmed by Vrocs, pulled from her griffon, and cast toward the abyss below. Jaela instinctively teleports to Aludra's griffon, spooking it in the process - bucking Aludra off toward abyss instead. As Jaela hangs from the griffon's talon and Aludra falls toward the abyss, a squadron of Pegai (The plural of Pegasus) led by Ros flies in from the flank!

The siege engine, now in place, fires a massive bolt - Thom clinging to the shaft - that hurtles by the falling Aludra, slamming into the fortress...


  • Jaela's "Hell Beasts" are extremely similar to Wyverns
  • Nika Howard actually rolled with advantage and got a natural 20 on both die, killing a full health Balor in one turn
  • Each of the Cast members can count to 5 exceptionally well!

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