Episode 152 - The Battle Above the Abyss Part 2

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Aludra Wyrmsbane demonstrates her Moonbeam ability
"There's nothing you can do to beat us!" ~ Michael DiMauro


Episode 152 - The Battle Above the Abyss Part 2

Having cracked the a hole in Fenniken’s Floating Fortress, your adventurers take a deep breath and prepare themselves for the further trials that are surely awaiting them. Resting amidst the cries of the dying screams of unicorns, it is here that the reality of their situation hits them. All that they have done has lead them to this very moment. To this very large door. To…that moaning and, would you call that shambling, yes shambling noise. The struggle is far from over.

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After being fired into the outer wall of Fennekin's Fortress, where Caer used to be, Thom finds himself in a pile of rubble, still clinging to the enormous ballista bolt that had been fired the previous episode. Thom clamors back atop the ballista bolt and slides into the Fortress proper. He pulls his "bluetooth" ear device out of his ear and the other three party members teleport to his location safely, though Titus got a bonk on his head.

Outside the fortress, the battle rages on. Demon, Devil, and Pegasus alike clash and many die. Titus Harper, without telling Jaela of the winged horse murder, kills ONE' demon that felled a Pegasus... just for her sake.

After an hour rest inside the fortress, the party hears moaning and shuffling behind the nearby door, bringing back a history of zombie hulks and undead. Everyone readies attacks and charges through the door, into the fray. The ten undead waiting for them had long writhing tongues, slathering at the prospect of fresh meat. A vicious fight ensues.

During the fight with these abominations - Titus loses control of his power. His Thunder Wave caused a deafening eruption of thunder, rendering all of his party completely deaf, but... that is the only hiccup in an otherwise one sided encounter, as the party completely destroys the Ghasts and Ghouls.

The party takes a quick stretch and opens the next door... inside the room is flooded with water and filled with dozens of zombies. The undead, strangely, look a little familiar. From the back of the room, a small figure shambles forward and groans "S...sly.... Fl...flourish...." Tum "Darkblade" Thumble has made a reappearance!


  • Wiggins resides inside Aludra's ample bosom
  • Tim Lanning misquotes Star Wars "Ah... I thought they smelled bad.......... on the inside outside!"

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