Episode 155 - Mailbagathon!

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"Boy underpants are an abomination!" ~ Jennifer Cheek

"There's only so many boner jokes to be made, and I feel like I've made at least half of them." ~ Mike Bachmann


Episode 155 - Mailbagathon!

We are now delivering to you a beautiful baby mailbagathon! As we transition from our first 154 episodes it felt like it made sense to take a collective breath and to touch base with the listeners questions. So grab yourself a cool glass of water and prepare to hear our answers to many various questions.



NOTE: All name spelling should be taken with a grain of salt. I am mostly guessing, although I tried to find people on Twitter and what-not.

Also, Matthew Morris wrote in several questions for the last Mailbag episode, Episode 98 - Mail Bag-O-Thon, but Bachmann wasn't on that one, so he angrily resent them for this one, for Bachmann to read

  • Question 1:
    • "When is the next Geekly Game Night, and what game will we be playing?"
      • He's not in charge of that anymore.
  • Question 2:
    • "What is your favorite move to bust out in da club?"
      • The inchworm!
  • Question 3:
    • "Real talk, bro. Where'd you learn about submarines?"
      • ???
  • Question 4:
    • "How'd you get into tabletop gaming?"
      • Former player and presumably current friend Steven Strom said that he was starting a DnD podcast, and it was THIS PODCAST
  • Question 5:
    • "Boxers, briefs, or the hybrid model?"
      • The hybrid model.
      • The correct choice
  • Question 6:
    • "The gamer-gate question, ending in 'What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?'"
      • Briars Blasted (?) with Somoa cookies in them.
        • Bachmann believes that Mint chocolate chip ice cream should be white. He is wrong
  • Question 7:
    • "What is your favorite kind of pizza?"
      • Both stuffed and thin crust,
  • Question 8:
    • Adam Cumming asks, "What is Harper's favourite spell?"
      • The 4e one where he made a tornado.
      • Maybe Blink.
  • Question 9:
    • Dan Overturf "Jennifer, which, if any, is your view of the extent of atonement?"
      • She didn't learn New Testament stuff like that.
  • Question 10:
    • M. Scott Anderson, "Nika, has there ever been something you planned on your character doing in an upcoming session, but because of how the story went, you never got to do it?"
  • Question 12:
    • "What is your favorite RP system? If it is DnD, do you prefer 3.5e, 4e, or 5e?"
      • Tim: 5e
      • Jennifer: DnD, and also [[[Fiasco!]]
      • Nika: Everyone knows her preference. (If you don't it's Pathfinder...)
  • Question 13:
    • Bear Psychologist, "Y'all eat ass?"
      • Bachmann: "You better believe it."
  • Question 14:
    • Cody Boker, "Michael, will you be my valentine?"
      • Of course, yes
    • "If any of you could change anything about DnD, whether it be mechanics, or in general, what would it be?"
      • Bachmann: There could be no rules, just RP the whole time.
      • Jennifer: Something to make her roll better.
      • Nika: Allowing for stunts based on role playing, less than mechanical rules.
    • "Nika, if Aludra would have died, what would Jaela have done?"
      • She answers in the form of Slam Poetry, and it goes a little something... like this:

Aludra dies.

How do I survive without her

by my side?

She's my anime waifu,

but without her, I just have

anime sad eyes.

      • So the answer is, she'd be really sad.
    • Last Question, "Jennifer, do you want to explore Aludra's family more? How much of that has been developed? Would you want Aludra's story to end like that of Berserk?"
      • Definitely not the last one thing. But she says to just keep listening.
  • Question 15:
    • "Could you describe your day as skill challenges? What daily activity are you not confident that you'll roll high on?"
      • Tim: Motivation? But actually, Athletics.
      • Jennifer: Probably History. But high on Medicine! (not that kind of high)
      • Michael: Bad at Medicine, Religion, History, Athletics, Streetwise.
      • Nika: Poor at DEX skills.
  • Question 16:
    • Dan Overturf, "Explain the process used to get Nika on the podcast?"
      • Michael asked her over the phone while she was dressed up as Korra, on Halloween in a bar in Chicago.
      • #Jealous
  • Question 17:
    • Ben Apperson, creator of the Bapperson Rule asks, "Which is the Bapper and which is the Reverse Bapper?"
      • Tim: Bapper is Natural 1, Reverse Bapper is a Natural 20.
      • Jennifer: Bapper is 1, Reverse Bapper is 20.
      • Nika: Bapper is 1, Reverse Bapper is 20.
      • Bachmann: Bapper is 20, Reverse Bapper is 1.
      • Michael: Bapper is 1, Reverse Bapper is 20.
    • Also asks, "Jennifer, any idea what sort of character you would have tried to play next if Aludra had ended up swinging the hammer?"
  • Question 19:
    • Dan Overturf, "Bachmann, when did you decide to kill Thom and Steve? What motivated this decision? What's your favorite part of playing Thom? Least favorite?"
      • He wanted to kill of Thom for a while, loved playing Chaotic Neutral. His least favorite part was that, since 5e, he could really only do a few things, like swing a sword.
  • Question 20:
    • "Were there any sidequests you didn't get to that you wished you would have?"
      • Bachmann: No, they got to sidequests he wished they wouldn't have!
      • Tim: Thought they might talk to more groups and explore.
  • Question 21:
    • John Coulfield, "Was Thom the original or a clone?"
      • It's a secret to everybody!
      • Thom knows that the original Thom Vidalis is definitely dead, no question. BUT our Thom remembered dying at the hand of himself in Episode 62 - To Know Thyself, from the dead Thom's perspective, so... ?
  • Question 22:
    • Joey O'Connell, "Michael, how much of Drunkeros was destroyed by the Demon Apocalypse? 50% of the population dead? More? Less? Also, are Adira and the devils going to swoop in on the power vaccum?"
      • Michael doesn't want to write himself into a corner, so a lot of people died, but it's nebulous. Probably more than 50%. And who can say about Adira and the devils.
  • Question 24:
    • You're Boy Brett, "How many kingdoms have been founded with all the moneys that you've accrued?"
      • Just you wait and see, my good man.
  • Question 25:
    • SB, "What's your favorite Drunkeros race or culture you've encountered so far? What would you like to elaborate on in the future?"
      • Nika: Wood Elves, like Luccan
      • Jennifer: Gnolls, like in the Meloncamp and all that.
      • Tim: Also Wood Elves. But also, what are High Elves like?
  • Question 26:
    • "Where is Wiggins?"
      • He's the king of mice now.
  • Question 27:
    • "How did the podcast start?"
      • Michael found some old DnD books in his father's attic, and tweeted about them. Steven Strom said they should play a game, and somewhere along the way, it became a podcast.
      • Some internet sluthing revealed this post. Strom said, "SKYPE CAMPAIGN" and then "We could even podcast it. :)" And the rest, is history...
  • Question 28:
    • Cody Boker, "What's the deal with Mastwick? What about Pyre?"
      • Pyre still owns Mastwick. What can you do?


  • This may be the first Mailbag episode with the full cast of characters. Technically, Episode 66 - Paragon Paths and Emails had all the cast members at the time, but it doesn't count because Nika was always there in our hearts.
  • Michael wants to get the Darkblades together at GeeklyCon, to do another episode. Unfortunately, this did not happen.