Episode 156 - Life Goes On

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A golden statue of Thom Vidalis

"Bucky, this is not easy for me. And, I would really... what I came in here to ask you... I'd really appreciate it if you'd be my ring bearer at the wedding." ~ Aludra engaged to Balder Oakback

"The thing is... no funny business with Aludra okay? I can get you in as my plus one because my horrible wife won't go." ~ King Titus Harper to Jaela


Episode 156 - Life Goes On

Well, the quest has been completed and the world is now a much safer place. Unfortunately, the challenges that our heroes face do not stop on doorstep of that accursed, egg shaped fortress. Life goes on and life has a tendency to offer the greatest challenges for most mortals. Challenges that a sword or a jolt of lightning somehow will not fix. And yet, our mentally and emotionally scarred adventurers are somehow expected to return to their equally damaged lives. I am sure everything will be fine.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Following the events of The Battle Above the Abyss, wood elves appear and help fight back the remaining demons and devils. In the ensuing victory feast, Aludra Wyrmsbane lets Bucky have three thimbles of beer. The grand druid of the wood elves removed the device that was still in Aludra's brain. Lord Titus Harper, suggests that they all go to Pelor's Hope, but Aludra and Jaela instead take Bucky and go to Yangahr, because (as usual) fuck whatever Harper wants to do. As they go to bed that night, their Erathis tattoos dissolve.

Five Years Later In Wyrmsbane Keep, in Deephome, a "teen as heck" Bucky is seen with the hilt of Blood Drinker and the petrified tail of Thom the Dragonborn hanging on his wall praying to Uthgar. Aludra enters and has a conversation with him. It is revealed that Aludra still must marry Baldur Oakback. Neither Bucky nor Aludra seems particularly fond of the marriage. Aludra asks Bucky to be the ring bearer at her ceremony. She even offers him ten thimbles of beer. They also mention that "Aunt Jaela" hasn't been seen in a while.

Pelor's Hope We see a goth as heck Jaela climbing the steps of the royal court and is stopped by a large minotaur by the name of Marendithas Bearcharger who asks for a "shiny round" for entry. She gives him three copper, which is "twice as much as last one". He leads her in to see King Harper, who we find out has married a high elf princess by the name of Ashayara Dayne (who he calls "Ash"). They don't like each-other. They have had 6 children together (Little Jarlton, Little Anthony, Little Adira, Little Zird, Little Phase, and Thom) in the last 5 years, but Harper is only really fond of his first-born son Thom.

Ash is revealed to be "extremely pregnant" and asks Harper to take down the Thom statue. She complains that there are a bunch of men in robes worshiping the statue. Meanwhile, Bearcharger attempts to feed an ice cream cone to the statue. Harper realizes why Jaela is there, which is to get passage to Aludra's wedding. Ashayara Dayne is not going to the wedding, so Harper agrees to let Jaela go as his "plus one".

We find out that Adira Harper is still missing. Bearcharger brings in several individuals who he believes may be Harper's sister. Harper relates the story of how he met Bearcharger. Harper instructs Bearcharger to get special coins from Ros, who is master of coin at Pelor's Hope. These special coins are really just wood which has been painted silver. We also find out that Old Man Weck is in charge of the court. The episode ends with Jaela, Bearcharger, and Harper getting ready to leave.

Inventory Updates

  • +1 Teen as heck Bucky to the party
  • +1 Engaged Aludra to the party
  • +1 Broken hilt of Blood Drinker
  • +1 Petrified Thom tail
  • +1 Goth Jaela to the party
  • +1 Merendithas Bearcharger to the party
  • +Twice as many Shiny Rrounds as before. 3 instead of 1.
  • +1 King Titus Harper to the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [NEW][Active] - Attend Aludra's wedding
  • [NEW] - Find Adira Harper