Episode 158 - A Deep One Rises

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"I am skeptical of all of this" ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 158 - A Deep One Rises

Dang. Our friggin beautiful ship is all broke and stranded. Broke like our spirits after we lost a dear crew member. Unfortunately we cannot take a breath or even begin to repair the ship for there appears to be some strange beast rising from the ocean. It looks somewhat like a large “fry kid” but more menacing? Ah, here it goes.

Cast and Player Characters



The group fights the large monster encountered at the end of the previous episode (which may or may not be a beholder (it totally is)). Bachmann learns about how to use Marendithas Bearcharger's spells, and holds the beholder. Jennifer Cheek learns about how awesome monks are. In her first turn, Nyx hits with all four attacks doing more damage than Jennifer has ever done. Bearcharger gets hit with a disintegrating ray and then a death ray, which...does what it's name implies. Nyx then punches the beholder into a mist.

After the battle, Jaela kicks Bearcharger with a revivify. Bearcharger gives a long speech to King Titus Harper sharing his feelings and mentioning that he was using his massive intellect to keep the demons in his body at bay. As he is revealing that Harper is his father, he dies again and a demon bursts forth from Bearcharger.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Attend Aludra's wedding
  • [Backburner] - Find Adira Harper