Episode 15 - Cats & Dogs

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 15

Title: Cats & Dogs

Air Date: 08/21/2014

Length: 01:09

Swear Jar Count: 24, Mike gets a 25% penalty to his "Imma Die" die.

Next Episode: Cthulhu & Friends First Anniversary Special!

Previous Episode: Episode 14 - I Am a God

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Erik comes to grips with the loss of his companion, and Emmett continues to suffer the effects of insanity.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Erik starts hallucinating about Clem. However, Emmett harshly points out that Clem is dead which snaps Erik out of it. Erik decides to bury Clem, and asks Herbert West for a shovel. Herbert starts leading them to his shed, but they are interrupted by a knock at the door.

It is a Library of Congress book collection team. Herbert begrudgingly returns two books, but a third book is still missing. The team leaves, but vows to return for the missing book.

After collecting a shovel, Herbert starts digging very close to the house and Erik questions his choice of burial locations. Herbert is insulted and goes inside, but closely watches them from the window. Luna mentions that they should bury Clem far away from the house as she doesn’t want Herbert to disturb the body. Luna makes mention of Emmett’s previous actions, which upsets him, so Emmett decides to stay at the house. Erik and Luna drive a good distance from the house and begin digging a hole.

Emmett heads down to the lab to chat with Herbert and learns about his experiments on dead animals. Emmett is unable to resist the urges he has been feeling and heads to the bathroom. Inside he finds a dead cat to satisfy his needs.

While digging Erik, notices a beam of light rising from Clem. Convinced that Clem’s body is disappearing Erik talks Luna into going back to the house. After returning to the house, Erik watches Clem’s body and Luna searches for Emmett.

She eventually finds that he is holed up the in bathroom. Upon hearing strange noises Luna decides to barge in on him. Seeing the horrible thing Emmett is doing, Luna attempts to knock him out. Emmett feebly fights back, but trips and injures himself badly. Luna knocks Emmett out, and drags him out to Erik. Erik and Luna decide to put Emmett in the shed, and then retire into the house for the evening.

Later in the evening a colorful lightning storm starts raging overhead. Suddenly a bolt of lightning crashes through the roof striking Clem’s body. In a flash she is gone. The next morning Emmett awakes tied up in the shed. He manages to escape his bindings, but he is in an extreme amount of pain. He is unable to recall anything clearly, and is confused by his surroundings. He limps away from the house towards the grave pit.

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