Episode 15 - Rest

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 15

Title: Rest

Air Date: 7/28/16

Length: 01:09

Swear Jar Count: 87, Veronica got an 85% on her "Imma Die" die for the episode.

Next Episode: Episode 16 - That was Then, When is Now?

Previous Episode: Episode 14 - Trading Faces

From the Website

Sometimes all you need is a good night’s rest. After the horrors at the church, who can the party turn to?

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Steve stares bewildered as 42 shoots, and the stranger’s head explodes. 42 tells Leonard that the body of Steve’s son has been dead for some time. Steve sprints out of the church and towards his house. Evee and Eliza notice that Steve running. After having an argument with Evee not believing that Mona exists, Eliza runs into the church to get Leonard. Leonard confronts Evee about Mona, and they march to the car to settle the issue. Suddenly Mona walks up to the group arguing, and Evee sees her. They depart to find Steve, after promising to meet 42 at the newspaper the next day. When they get to Steve’s house they find him upstairs in his bed. The group beds down for the night. When Steve gets up, he notices he is wearing a suit, and a paper shows the date as 10 January. After attending Judy’s funeral, and wake, Steve is left at his house alone. Steve answers the door to find the man in Frank’s body. He offers to make a deal, but Steve refuses. Suddenly Steve’s changes to leather, and he is unable to move. The next day Leonard, Eliza and Evee enter Steve’s house after no one answers to find a strange leather body-like figure of Steve.

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