Episode 15 - The Love Boat

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 15

Title: The Love Boat

Air Date: 12/12/2013

Length: 01:08

Swear Jar Count: A die six was rolled to determine who would receive the penalty. The penalty was assessed at the highest swear total. Staci was selected, and received a 25% chance of death on a critical failure. The cast totals were:

Josh: 27.

Staci: 3

Mike: 0.

Next Episode: Episode 16 - The Great Transition

Previous Episode: Episode 14 - Circling the Drain

From the Website

Things get weird in the bunker when the gang assembles their collection of creepy artifacts.

Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu & Friends...

The investigators are standing over Jack's unconscious body. Moments before he collapses, he finds himself in blackness unable to scream or perceive anything and slowly slips away. Anya attempts to heal him only to find that built up fluids had poisoned him and there is nothing she can do. Jack is dead. Anya cannot take the thought of losing her friend and freaks out. Anya screams and Xander comes running.

In an attempt to find someone to help them, Xander runs out of the bunker and fires a round. This rouses Erik, who goes to find them staring at Jack's body. Erik approaches Jack's body, but Anya stops him and saying he's gone. Erik and Anya argue for a moment and Xander dismisses them to grab some ammo. Xander wraps up Jack's body and takes him to the exit. Unfortunately, the rain that is coming in is blood and Xander cannot get Jack up the ladder by himself. Leaving Jack there, Xander rejoins his companions in the armory only to hear someone coming down the ladder.

Erik rushes out to greet whoever it is. It turns out to be a black man that they have not met before. However, he seems to know them very well. He tells Erik to bow before him, but Erik is unwilling to do so. Xander and Anya join Erik in the hallway. Xander feels familiarly with the man, but doesn't recognize him. Xander draws his gun and says "Who are you? Do you I know you?" The man flashes a Harold-like grin, confirming his identity. Xander asks him why. He says, "Jack's mine now." Before Harold can take the body out, Xander unloads his pistol into Jack's body. Harold doesn't remark, but takes Jack's body out of the bunker.

Feeling the time crunch upon them, the party goes into the armory and starts assembling the artifacts. When they do so, an explosion occurs and blasts the top of the bunker completely away. A large image of Nyarlethotep is projected and a beam comes down from the moon like a bridge. Anya immediately loses her sanity and goes catatonic. Xander and Erik grab the party's belongings and head off onto the bridge as the hoards of zombies approach.

After crossing the threshold into the light, Xander also loses his mind and starts screaming at the top of his lungs. Erik is faced with trying to get the party up this bridge. However, he has help from the dog. As they get into the light they notice a white ship staffed with a crew. The captain grants them passage on the boat. After discovering some water on the boat, Xander divulges that he's been having strange visions of water as blood and that he tastes blood whenever he drinks the water. He's been drinking only milk for the last several hours. After that revelation, the captain clears his throat. The dog braces for turbulence and the boat suddenly plummets. The party is taking on extreme g-forces, but passes out before the boat impacts with wherever they are to land.

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