Episode 161 - Welcome to Calsten

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"You don't want to know why they call him 'The Beetle,' mate" ~ Jett Razor


Episode 161 - Welcome to Calsten

The gang sorted out their stowaway issue so they headed full speed ahead to Calsten to pick up Bucky’s favorite bard – the famous Jett Razor. Things are not perfect and sunny in the port city what with the rumors of an incurable disease floating about. Mostly whispers and gossip surround this mysterious sickness some are calling ‘The Gremp” but King Titus Harper is not taking any chances. Luckily, Nyx and Jaela will have his back in case things need to get dicey. They are tight like that.

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The story opens on a pile of dead monkey. Nyx has claimed Bananas Foster's skin (which required no effort to remove) with plans to make a cloak of it. Then goth Jaela goes to put the horrific remains into the meat locker only to find it empty. She demands that Winston puts any future dead bodies in there so she can maybe create a flesh golem for Thom Vidalis to return to.

King Titus Harper and Jaela discuss what has been happening in the last few years. Harper admits that he had to turn away refugees when he was rebuilding Pelor's Hope. Jaela still refuses to discuss her last few years. Then they get a call from Bucky, who tells them where they can find Jett Razor (at The Poxy Wench). When asked about Aludra Wyrmsbane, Bucky admits that she has been crying. When Bucky finds out that Jaela is going to the wedding, he says that she isn't allowed to come. Harper convinces Bucky that Jaela isn't actually there, then Bucky hangs up.

The party reaches Calsten and Jaela heads off on her own. Timpleton expresses concern over Jaela's behavior as they reached town and offers to tail her. Harper and Nyx go to the center of town and meet a man named Lomax who takes them to the leader of the city Erath Darkhammer(sp?). Harper states that he is aware that this town has been afflicted by a disease called The Grimp. He expresses concern that Erath is not taking proper measures with it.

Harper and Nyx reach The Poxy Wench and see that Jaela is already there waiting for them. Her and Harper have an aside and Jaela confides that Erathis told Jaela to return to her, but she said "no". She then reveals that she now follows The Raven Queen. Harper tells her not to spread death in his realm and to not fuck up the wedding. They also bro out.

They all go inside and do shots and toast to death, society, monkey cloaks, and bros for life. They see a lone figure on stage singing. He goes to the bar for a drink and the group introduces themselves to him and find out he is Jett Razor. They convince him to play the wedding because it will be fun. Then two individuals named Babyface Mulligan and Bungee the Beetle come in wearing suits looking for Jett. They say that he owes money to The Castiglianimorcelloderegeninis. After a brief discussion they begin a fight, and Jett runs for the back door.


  • First appearance of Jett Razor!
  • First mention of the Castiglianimorcelloderegeninis, which appears to change meanings multiple times. In this episode, it sounds like it is a person, but later episodes imply that it is an entire family.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Attend Aludra's wedding
  • [Backburner] - Find Adira Harper