Episode 162 - The Dangerous Life of a Musician

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Aludra Wyrmsbane and her best friends
"Oi, Babyface, you fucking knob. I saw your mother last night. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm gonna say I shagged her, right? No, I didn't. We went on a proper date. We made love. I'm your new dad, mate." ~ Jett Razor


Episode 162 - The Dangerous Life of a Musician

Our main man Jett Razor is up to his neck in debt so things get dicey. Let’s just say we are in a bar and … a certain amount of brawling ensues. Which is nice. Our old bones have been craving a bar based tussle for many years. Feels great getting back into the swing of this whole “adventurer” thing, besides all the people dying and all. We still miss Bearcharger and Tad. Dang now I am sad.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Babyface Mulligan
  • Bucky
  • Bungie the Beetle



Jett Razor attempts to flee from Babyface Mulligan and Bungie the Beetle, collectors for the Castiglianimorcelloderegenini family, but King Titus Harper, Nyx, and Jaela have other plans and start a tavern brawl. Jaela strikes first with a not sly flourish, slicing a X across Bungie's chest with her halberd, but Bungee is not impressed. Jett makes for the door, but changes his mind and joins the fight. Nyx uses the X on Bungie's chest to target him with her staff, then her fists.

Jett viciously mocks Babyface Mulligan, while Harper steps up to attack him with his lightning staff then attempts to transform the appearance of the entire bar (including Jaela, Nyx, and Jett) into looking like Babyface, with great success, but no one understands why. Bungie and Babyface are freaked out, and attempt to flee as the party throws insults and them and their mothers. Jett hits Bungie in the calf with a crossbow bolt from the end of his violin, taunting him again, and Jaela threatens them with her halberd before they finally leave.

The party attempts to recruit Jett to play at Aludra Wyrmsbane's wedding, and Jett agrees to travel with them. Harper buys the Babyfaces in the bar two drinks and apologises for transforming them, before trying to get them all to join Pelor's Hope. Jett properly introduces himself, and they spend a night out on the town, Harper posing as a dirtier version of himself called Larper, and Nyx smokes too many cigarettes. The morning after gets pretty awkward.

In the morning, the party heads for the docks and board the Chum Guzzler. Nyx notices a figure watching them from the top of a building, and then sees another figure with a jackal mask shoot and hit Jett with a dart in the neck. Jett collapses and starts foaming at the mouth, then blacks out. Jaela successfully neutralises the poison and Jett is saved. Nyx pulls the dart out of Jett's neck, and finds a note wrapped around it that says "Stay out of Deephome." The party theorises on who could be behind this brazen attack, but have no answers.


Meanwhile, in Deephome, Aludra Wyrmsbane is fitfully sleeping. She is woken suddenly from a nightmare, having dreamt of awful things happening to Bucky. Unable to get back to sleep, Aludra lights a candle and contemplates using her silverweed, but hears a noise from Bucky's room and sneaks over to listen. She busts into the room and sees a figure holding a knife. Aludra attacks the figure, throwing the hilt of Blooddrinker into his head, killing him instantly. Bucky wakes up and Aludra tries to convince him it's all a dream while she drags the corpse from the room.

Upon inspection of the body, she finds no identification, but finds a bag of strange gold coins. Aludra then recognises the assassin as wanted criminal Tipsy Two-Fingers.


  • First appearance of animal-masked assassins
  • Michael debuts a Jersey accent, and it's hilarious
  • Jett claims he has a yacht. No one tries to question this
  • Unlike the death of Bananas Foster, the party is actually concerned and desperate to save Jett
  • The party contemplates quitting upon the realisation that Streetwise no longer exists in 5E

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Attend Aludra's wedding
  • [Backburner] - Find Adira Harper