Episode 164 - Baldergate

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Jett Razor
"People break up. That happens. You know? It's not all that uncommon. Or you can maybe accidentally be in terrible relationship with the person you are married to. That sucks! But we move on. Be a god-damned adult. I know you're only six... but try to act a little bit older." ~ King Titus Harper


Episode 164 - Baldergate

An important all role-play episode regarding the reunion of Jaela and Aludra. The whole party is back in one place, but there's no time to celebrate or process the information because the night before the wedding, Aludra's betrothed has been murdered.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



King Titus Harper introduces Aludra to what appears to be Ashayara Dayne but is actually Jaela in disguise, and when he sees the now exceedingly tall and lanky, teen-aged Bucky, he introduces him to Jett Razor. The former introduction is by far the more pressing thing and Harper asks Aludra if they can find some place in private to talk. In private, Harper removes the Seeming to reveal Jaela underneath and then says that he and Nyx will leave them alone, expecting it to be a happy moment, however Aludra tells him to stay. Aludra is furious. Jaela left her two years ago, and she's returned home to make her family proud and it is the night before the wedding. Jaela explains that after the Demon Apocalypse was ended, she refused to return back to Erathis when called to return, because of the feelings she had for Aludra. And yet because it was Thom the Dragonborn that destroyed the Brazier of Worlds and is the one that really ended the apocalypse, she also felt like a failure and that she wasn't good enough for Aludra and left for some soul searching. The conversation continues on back and forth, and for a moment Aludra gives in and kisses Jaela, while Harper and Nyx uncomfortably play Three-Dragon Ante in the corner of the room pretending to not be there. However, after the kiss Aludra remembers he duty to her family and to all her people, despite feeling trapped. Jaela can't just walk in here the night before the wedding and expect everything to be okay and she needs time to think.

Jaela tells Aludra she understands and leaves the room to give her some space and Harper follows. They hear a crash as Aludra shatters the most expensive vase in the room that they left, and Harper demands to know what exactly happened and tells her he regrets bringing her. However, Harper soon apologizes for lashing out and her and two make up, and create a new secret handshake, one that Jett Razor doesn't know. Harder returns to his quarters with Nyx and Jaela, who definitely once again looks like Ashayara Dayne, before Jaela leaves to all spend some time alone to think.

In the morning, Wyrmsbane guards pound on Harper's door, demanding to be let in. A dwarf named Grinth asks permission to search the quarters and asks if they've seen a purple lady. Harper swears that he has not seen Jaela of Erathis Temple, and the guards leave finding nothing. A few moments later, a younger dwarf named Griggs enters to announce that breakfast is ready in the main room. When Harper asks why he's crying when he should be happy about the wedding later that day, the dwarf tells him the wedding won't be happening. Baldur Oakback has been murdered.


  • Bucky only wanted Jett Razor to come because he's heard rumors that every concert he has ends in catastrophe, and he wants Jett to ruin the wedding.
  • Harper claims Ashayara Dayne just gave birth to a girl, and that why Jaela looks so thin disguised as the queen.
  • High elves wait a bit before naming their kids
  • Another "Aludra has a beard" goof from Bachmann. Jett Razor says that he heard it on pretty good authority that Aludra Wyrmsbane had a beard.
  • The monks of Nyx's monastery tried to give her the last name Flora, but she rejected it. Nyx has no last name.

Inventory Updates

  • -1 drug (64 drugs left)
  • +1 New and improved secret handshake between Harper and Jaela

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Sneak Jaela into Deephome to meet Aludra
  • [NEW] [Active] - Find Baldur's murderer
  • [Active] - What are birds?


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - Nat1 - Double Bapped!
    • Tim - Nat20
    • Bachmann - 8
    • Nika - 6

  • Jaela - Constitution Saving Throw to keep cool when seeing Aludra for the first time (with inspiration)
    • Success - 4+10 & 11+10 - She manages to maintain the ruse of being Ashayara Dayne