Episode 171 - Trials of the Underdark

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Mike Bachmann, Tim Lanning, Nika Howard, Jennifer Cheek, and Michael DiMauro
"I kinda got bored with all this stuff you got going on here. He's new and excited. I'm ready for an adventure. A better one. Boss." ~ Nyx, leaving with Luccan


Episode 171 - The Trials of the Underdark

The 2016 Live Show. Michael DiMauro incorporates the negative iTunes reviews into Lucca's new form of cussing, and finds a way for Nyx to leave the party reduxing Jennifer Cheek back down to one character. In game, each of the party members have their own challenge or puzzle room to solve getting our heroes one step closer to exiting the Underdark.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



  • Mirror Ros
  • Giant Stone Face
  • Gnome Statues
  • Purple Worm



A figure steps into view, and when he lowers his cloak, the party immediately recognizes Luccan. He's here with other wood elves because they were tracking down an assassin in a fox mask that had killed the leader of Wood Elf City and fled into the Underdark. And much like what happened with King Titus Harper, just as they were about to subdue the assassin for questioning, he was able to kill himself before giving up any information. Wiggins the mouse, who hasn't been seen since the Demon Apocalypse, appears on Luccan's shoulder to make his presence known to Aludra, and he tells her that he's Luccan's companion now. There is also an immediate chemistry between Nyx and Luccan, and despite being King Titus Harper's main bodyguard, she tells him that she's decided to leave his service to go begin traveling with the wood elf.

The two groups are ready to part ways, when a rumbling that they've felt before is closer than ever, and then the hallway that they're standing in gives way to a giant purple worm that swallows Kipper whole as it crosses the path. The party decided to not return to Deephome since the murderer was dead and they have no proof to clear Jaela's name, but with Kipper no longer able to lead them to the surface, Luccan tells them of a path through an ancient, abandoned deep gnome city that should take them where they want to go.

The party travels deep into the Underdark until they come across a wall with a locked door, and a cauldron with a magical liquid protecting the key to the door. After trying conventional means to open the door, Aludra decides to drink the unknown liquid. It turned out to be delicious and the got the key and opened the door. In the second chamber a giant stone face guarded the way out. Jett was able to shame the stone face after being questioned who was speaking to it, and it opened up it's mouth to allow them through. Harper uses Mirror Image to distract some automated gnome statues to safely Fly towards and active a lever that would allow the rest of the party to cross. And in the final chamber, Jaela destroyed a image of Ros that had stepped out from inside an enchanted mirror, and the final door opened.

With the series of tests completed the party continues on, but then the floor beneath them collapses, and as they fall, all they can see is the maw of a giant purple worm rising up to eat them.


  • Luccan is trying to get better and reducing his cussing, he learned to be more open and honest through a program called itoonez.
  • Harper gained some of his dad bod weight from eating ice creams that Bearcharger didn't finish.
  • Jaela and Nyx spent a summer with Adira. She got some of her Dark Jaela fashion sense from her.
  • The lever for the third door required three Mage Hands of pressure to operate, so Harper's and Jett's together wasn't enough.

Inventory Updates

  • -1 Nyx from the party
  • -1 drug

Quest Log Updates

  • [Removed] - Kipper, Foe or Friend?
  • [Active] - Prevent the impending dwarven civil war
    • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 19
    • Bachmann - 14
    • Tim - 9
    • Nika - 8

  • Jaela - Doesn't Matter Check to get info on the rumbling
    • Nat20 - She doesn't know what it is.

  • Insight Check to see if Kipper really knows a way to the surface.
    • Jaela - 21
    • Aludra/Nyx - 17
    • Jett - 16
    • Harper - 3
      • They believe Kipper is telling the truth.

  • Jaela - Strength Check to open the door
    • 2 - Nothing happens

  • Harper - Arcana Check against the door
    • 17 - It's definitely magic, as well as the cauldron

  • Aludra - Constitution Saving Throw against the amber liquid
    • 14+3+3 - She powers through the liquid and it's pretty good.

  • Harper - Stealth Check for being careful while walking through the ancient gnomish city
    • 3 - He doesn't realize how loud and reckless he is.

  • Jett - Deception Check to shame the giant stone face
    • 10 - He has shamed the giant stone face, and its mouth opens wide

  • Jaela - Melee Attack Mirror Ros
    • 19 - 14+3 daamge
      • Sacs a 3rd level spell - 4d8 - 23 damage - I don't even care that you robbed whoever's body. Don't stab my friends in the back.