Episode 172 - Into the Worm Hole

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Jaela, Harper with Kipper, and Aludra
"Jaela! You are not worm food you stupid fuck!" ~ King Titus Harper


Episode 172 - Into the Worm Hole

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Mynoc
  • Purple Worm



The party is falling down towards a massive purple worm, with rocks falling down from above, preventing them from flying out. Still, Harper does cast Fly on the party to at least give them some time to react, Jett uses Animate Object to take control of some giant chunks of rocks to maneuver into its way, and Aludra transforms her arms into tree-like appendages and grabs onto its mouth to try to prevent it from eating anyone. Despite all their efforts, the party is eaten one by one, first Jaela, then Harper, then Aludra. The purple worm is too massive to stop. Jett is able to find a path back up to the tunnel that fell out from beneath them and he just watches as the worm passes by in front of him.

Inside, Jaela is still alive, but falling deeper into the worm. She eventually crashes into something. Something sturdy enough to stand on. Then comes Harper and Aludra. They'll all standing on some make-shift rope bridge with swords and spears anchoring the ropes into the sides of the worm, and with all kinds of armor, boards, and rock forming the walkway they stand on. The series of rope bridges intersect and have created an area where a hut sits on platform, with the whole apparatus rotating as the worm moves. Over the edge and down below the party is the stomach acid of the worm. Inside the hut are some mushroom people, and from behind them they hear the familiar voice of Kipper calling their names, happy to see them. And before much else can be said, a winged creature swoops down towards Kipper and he gets knocked over the railing, plummeting towards the acid below, however with some of the last bits of magic in him, Harper casts Telekinesis to save him.j

Outside, Jett is still waiting in the tunnel, watching the worm pass by. After what feels like ten minutes of watching worm segment after worm segment flash by him, Jett sees the end coming, and as the tail pops into view he grabs onto it.


  • Jaela, Harper, and Aludra took 15 damage (acid) each from being swallowed by the purple worm.

Inventory Updates

  • +1 Kipper!

Quest Log Updates

  • [Resumed] [Active] - Kipper, foe or friend?
  • [Active] - Prevent the impending dwarven civil war
    • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 19
    • Bachmann - 14
    • Tim - 9
    • Nika - 8

Skill Challenge - 8 Success Threshold

The floor has collapsed beneath the party, with the mouth of a giant purple worm below them, and rocks falling down from above.

  • Initiative
    • Harper - 20
    • Jett - 17
    • Aludra - 11
    • Jaela - [Nat1]+1

Round 1 - 8 Success Threshold

  • Harper - Casts Fly (at a 6th level) on the whole party
    • Success - The party can now all fly, but they're still trapped between the collapsing cave above and the purple worm below.
      • [Note: Initially counted as a success, but was retroactively removed. DM requires a roll and spells will not count.]

  • Jett - Arcana Check to cast Animate Object on the falling rocks - 19+1
    • Success - Controls one huge slab and two other medium sized rocks.

  • Aludra - Athletics Check - 25
    • Success - Uses her tree arms to grab onto the mount of the purple worm and yank on it, which stops its momentum.

  • Jaela - Insight Check - To predict its path and shove a rock in its mouth rather than one of the party - 5+6
    • Fail - To everyone's horror, Jaela concentrates on the path of the purple worm and doesn't notice a rock falling towards her and get knocked into the purple worm."
      • Jaela is inside the worm and is removed from the Skill Challenge. Success Threshold reduced by 2.

Round 2 - 6 Success Threshold - 2 Successes

  • Harper - Arcana Check to learn any magical lore about the purple worm.
    • 13 - He doesn't feel like he's learned anything from his studies regarding purple worms using magic.
  • Harper - Persuasion Check - To yell at Jaela that isn't worm food. - 2+9
    • Fail - Harper is focused on the mouth of the worm and screams into it with all his might, and the worm does not slow down and gobbles him up.
      • Harper is inside the worm and is removed from the Skill Challenge. Success Threshold reduced by 2.

  • Jett - Arcana Check - To use Plant Growth to wrap up the worm and slow its movement down - 13+5
    • Success - The worm is slowed down by the vines.

  • Aludra - Animal Handling Check - To pet the worm and calm it down and make it sleepy - 6
    • Fail - Aludra is already too far in the worm's mouth from grabbing on to it, so when she tries to remove her hand to pet the worm she accidentally falls in.
      • Aludra is inside the worm and is removed from the Skill Challenge. Success Threshold reduced by 2.

Round 3 - Jett, alone, has a 1 Success Threshold

  • Jett - Perception Check - To look for a way out - Nat20+13
    • Success - Jett flies out and successfully evades the worm. He lands on the entry to the tunnel, and he sees the purple burrow past him for ten minutes and sees its tail go by. Jett grabs on to the tail.

Skill Challenge Completed Successfully