Episode 177 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 2

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Jett Razor

"It's evil! It's evil, mate! It's as good as evil! I mean evil is just from your perspective." ~ Jett Razor

"So we have a passed out Ros... a sociopath bard... (that tank that's apparently like, you can't beat it)... we have a mean, rude deva..." ~ a flustered Tim Lanning


Episode 177 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 2

The party continues the fight with the Earth Elementals and Oakback dwarves, and Jett's desire to have fun finally butts up hard against Harper's sense of justice regarding a toad and a bag of a holding. And then Harper gets a surprise visit from Ros with even more surprising news about Longcryer.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



  • Earth Elemental



Aludra continues to make her presence known on the battlefield with, Tremorstep, Thunderwave, and Crackle. Jett fends off his immediate threat by Polymorphing one of the Oakback warriors into a toad, while Jaela heals him before he is struck down. Harper kills another Oakback warrior and intimidates the final one standing to surrender, while Aludra turns the final Earth Elemental into powder. With the battle won, Aludra and Jaela check in on each other, and Jaela tells Aludra that bloodlust looks good on her. Harper is concerned with interrogating the dwarves but for some reason Jett is very reluctant to give up the dwarf that is currently in the shape of a toad and stuffed in his Bag of Holding. He reminds Harper that he's only with the party so he can have fun, and this toad has to die. Harper tries to tell him that killing someone after combat is over is wrong, but then a loud boom outside the walls reminds them of the siege engine still outside. Jett uses the commotion to attempt to hide the Bag of Holding, and in response Harper tries to charm him, but fails.

Before this argument can escalate any further, the pendant around Harper's neck flares and with a loud popping noise, Ros appears before the group, and tells Harper that she's found Longcryer before passing out. News of the wizard pushes all other thoughts outside of Harper's head as he examines the map that Ros handed over to him before passing out. After he collects himself, he's flies up with his captured warrior and asks how they can stop the siege engine, but the dwarf only tells him that it can't be stopped. When Harper returns to the group, he's disappointed to see that Jaela has refused to heal Ros is still holding a grudge after five years. With Jaela refusing, Jett steps in to heal her.


  • Nika changes Jeala's flaw to be, "Once wronged, I never forget," to better match the current, darker Jaela.

Inventory Updates

  • +1 Ros to the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [NEW] - Longcryer!
  • [Updated] - Win the dwarven civil war
  • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?
  • [Paused] - Kipper, foe or friend?
  • Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Tim - 11
    • Nika - 9
    • Bachmann - 8

...Combat Continues...

  • Initiative vs 3 Earth Elementals and 6 Oakback Guards
    • Aludra -
    • Oakback Dwarf
    • Jett - +2
    • Harper - +3
    • Oakback Dwarf
    • Oakback Dwarf
    • Jaela - +1
    • Earth Elemental

Round 3

  • Aludra vs Dwarf
    • Tremorstep requiring a Dex Saving Throw vs Spell Save DC
      • (?) - Success - 7 damage (bludgeoning) and falls prone

  • Oakback Dwarf vs Jett
    • Melee Attack - 16
      • Miss

  • Jett vs Dwarf
    • McKenzie - Bite - 16
      • Hits - 1d4+2 - Nat1+2 damage
    • Polymorph requiring a Wisdom Saving Throw vs 17 Spell Save DC
      • (?) & (?) - (Advantage on Saves vs spells) - Turned into a toad
    • Moves towards Jaela

  • Harper vs Earth Elemental
    • Thunderwave requiring a Con Saving Throw vs 18 Spell Save DC
      • (?) - Fails - 5 damage (thunder)(x2)(x1/2)

  • Oakback Dwarf x2 vs Harper
    • Thrown javelin - 8 & 9(Disadvantage because of Investiture of Wind)
      • Miss
    • Thrown javelin - (?) & (?)
      • Miss

  • Jaela to Jett
    • Grants 35hp to take him to 56hp

  • Earth Elemental vs Jaela
    • Slam x2 - 20 & 18 (With Disadvantage)
      • Hit - 20 damage (bludgeoning)

Round 4

  • Aludra vs prone Oakback Dwarf & Earth Elemental
    • Crackle (at 2nd level) requiring a Dex Saving Throw vs 16 Spell Save DC
      • (?) & (?) (with Disadvantage for being prone and (?) - Succeeds & Succeeds - 4d6 - 18 damage (lightning) - The dwarf is fried like a cartoon where you can see its skeleton, and as he's smoking he smells delicious

  • Jett vs Oakback Dwarf (toad)
    • Picks up dwarf and puts it in his Bag of Holding
    • Commands McKenzie to guard him

  • Harper vs Oakback Dwarf
    • Punches with an electric fist - Nat20
      • Hits - 6d8 - 31 damage (lightning) and can't take any reactions... because he's dead. Harper flies up and punches the dwarf and then points at the other telling him to drop his weapons and surrender.
    • Intimidation Check (with Advantage) to make the dwarf surrender
      • (?)&(16+5) - He drops his axe and surrenders

  • Jaela vs Earth Elemental
    • Melee Attack - 21 & 18
      • 31 damage - It roars in terran, probably saying some nasty things.

  • Earth Elemental vs Jaela
    • Slam x2 - (?)
      • Miss & Miss

Round 5

  • Aludra vs Earth Elemental
    • Thunderwave requiring a Dex Saving Throw vs Spell Save DC
      • Fails - 12 damage (thunder)(x2)(x1/2) - She reaches out her hands and he explodes into a shower of dust.

Combat Ends

  • Jett - Slight of Hand Check vs Perception to hide the Bag of Holding with the Polymorphed dwarf - 26 Slight of Hand
    • Jaela - (?) - Doesn't see Jett hide it.
    • Aludra - 16 - Doesn't see Jett hide it.
    • Harper - (?) - Doesn't see Jett hide it.
      • Uses his Eyes of Charming against Jett requiring a Wis Saving Throw
        • 19 - Jett is not charmed