Episode 17 - The Road to Jack

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 17

Title: The Road to Jack

Air Date: 09/25/2014

Length: 01:16

Swear Jar Count: 30, Mike gets a 35% on his "Imma Die" die for the episode. Veronica rewards with the cast with a reroll, since she had the highest swear count.

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Previous Episode: Episode 16 - I Will Survive

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Erik & Luna meet some new people, find some direction. Special thanks to Hiroshi for being our guest for episodes 216 and 217!

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Erik and Luna see a new report being printed that mentions unusual ghoul activity at Mason Dunwich. Erik wants to burn down the garage to cover their tracks, and Luna agrees. After filling the vehicle with their ill-gotten goods and hiding Luna’s jeep, Erik pours gas all over the store and ignites it.

Back at the West Residence, Ronald searches the upstairs area for more books while Jason starts loading up the books they’ve found. When clearing the bookshelf Jason finds a small box. After trying to remove the box he finds it was a trap and he narrowly avoids getting stuck with a needle.

He pulls apart the trap. After touching the needle he feels light headed and nauseous. Ronald hears Jason calling for help and rushes to get the medical kit. Ronald realizes that he doesn’t have what he needs to treat Jason, and uses the car radio to call for help. He is directed to Arkham facility for medical treatment.

Ronald notices his car is almost out of gas, and honks the horn at an approaching vehicle. Erik stops his vehicle. Ronald explains that he is from Library of Congress and is in need of assistance. Erik agrees to help. Ronald is surprised at the sight of Luna. Erik expresses skepticism at Ronald never hearing of Jack’s experiments.

The party rushes to Arkham, and using Ronald’s badge they are allowed in. Jason is taken for treatment, but doesn’t make it. Ronald, lacking direction after the death of his friend, presses Erik for more information on Jack. Erik tells him that they can talk somewhere else. Ronald then proceeds to turn in West’s books.

While waiting on Ronald, Erik logs into the Mason computers and locates Eddie’s last known location. Erik heads to the car, and chats with Ronald about Jack. Ronald figures out that Erik is the same agent that pursued Jack in the 1950’s. Ronald begs Erik to let him interview him about Jack.

Before they leave Luna contacts Jack regarding the recent events. Jack tells Luna to bring Erik to him at Tess’s house.

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